African Bride Magazine Launch Sneak-Peek

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launching of the HOTTEST bridal magazine that is on the market right now made JUST for the African bride. The decor, planning and coordination was done by none other than yours truly at BCG Events :-D. The decor had a very upscale and exclusive feel to it, made me feel like I was very lucky to have been in the room! As I looked around I saw guests reading  copies of the magazine which was cool because everyone looked very impressed and pleased. The event kicked off with the funny and energetic MC Francis,  introducing himself and giving the audience a run-down of what to expect. An opening prayer was said by Professor Lufadeju, the father of the Editor-in-Chief, Tola. The Executive Editor, Michelle Okolo, was asked to give a background of the history of African Brides Magazine, which was very heartfelt and inspirational because it was evident how much hard work and determination went into making it a success.

The best part of the event in my opinion was the Fashion Show; aptly named "What to Wear To a Wedding".   Every scene featured a different designer including Bewaji, Cote Minou, Idia Fashions, and Oyato Designs. These are literally my FAVORITE designers in the area because they do such BEAUTIFUL work...the things they do with ankara is simply stunning. Each of them had very distinct styles but beautiful all the same! There was also a comedy segment by "Foxy P" who had the audience CRACKING up at his perspective on Naija weddings, my favorite part was when he talked about going to Nigeria last Christmas and successfully crashing FOUR weddings without anybody noticing, lolll!! Him telling us about his antics had us rollinggg especially because we ALL know how TRUE it is! Nigerians have NO regards for guest counts! (Tune in later this week for my how-to on guest lists, just in time, loll).

The MC was very big on crowd interaction, so much so that there was a segment of the show called "Rip The Runway" where members of the audience actually got up on the stage and gave us their BEST model walk and pose! The audience got to vote on who had the BEST stage presence, using applause and screaming. I loved this because the whole audience got to feel like they were a part of the show! After a yummy refreshment break there was a keynote address by Summer Amin who is a very accomplished humanitarian, businesswoman, chairwoman, and the list goes on. She spoke about how she could relate to feeling left out of major publications because she is a minority as well and she felt it was very important for someone to stand up and grab the market out here for brides of African descent who want to still incorporate their culture in their weddings. With her being from South Asia, she really could relate to how IMPORTANT culture is on a day as big as one's wedding. She also pointed out the importance of giving back to the women and children of Africa, highlighting that each issue of African Brides will spotlight a charity and donate a portion of proceeds to that particular charity. The event was brought to an end by a touching, heartwarming vote of thanks by the editor in chief that let the whole audience know our support was indeed appreciated by her and her entire team.

I left the magazine launch VERY excited and VERY ready to receive my pre-ordered issues as soon as possible! I honestly believe this magazine is a sign of amazing things to come and just the first step in putting African weddings on the radar of other major publications and television shows. It will expose the beauty, elegance, deep and rich culture that our weddings have to offer. It will also show African brides that there are indeed EXCELLENT African vendors out there. It is okay to trust your people with your event because they are just as good if not better than their American counterparts. I am already set on having ALL African vendors for my wedding day. If we do not support ourselves then NOBODY else will! 

Make sure you head over to to pre-order your copy of AFRICAN BRIDES right now. OR, you could wait till March 26th to find them on magazine stands in Barnes and Nobles,  select Target, and Wal-Marts! We HAVE to support ourselves!!

Below are some pics I took! Stay tuned for more pics on a later post!

MC Francis getting the crowd excited
Bewaji Fashions
Prof Lufadeju "Ripping the Runway"
Cote Minou design
Cote Minou
Refreshment Time!!
Beautiful Guests!

Team BCG working hard!
Idia Fashions (one of my FAVE pieces!)
Back of an Oyato Design
Oyato Design

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Tola Oluyemi said...

Thanks for the feature, the photos look lovely!

Fola said...

Hello Memi, how come we were not invited to the magazine launch? You and AJ keeping it a secret? Well, it looked like FUN, can't wait to see professional photos. By the way would we ever get to see pictures of the BCG Team?
Thanks for sharing and can't wait to receive my copy of the magazine to check it out!!!!

Chi said...

I've been following your blog for a little while now but never really left a comment. This is going to be a long comment, so please excuse me.
1st of let me say I am extremely glad that there is a magazine out there that represents "US". Finally I can walk into the stores and pick up a bridal mag where the lady on the front cover does look like me. It's been a long time coming and I am glad some people actually took the initiative to do this. Kudos. My prayer is that this publication would not get lost in translation and that the founders would not lose their zeal and passion. I also hope that the content they would focus on would be relevant to "us", that is so key.

2ndly, I am liking the fact that you are featuring Nigerian/African vendors. When I was planning my wedding, it was like pulling teeth to find any vendors that were Nigerian. I knew they were out there but how could I find them? I had to go with all American vendors except for my food and DJ and that was not bad, its just that I felt they were missing something. Like my coordinator could not comprehend having 400 people at a wedding and the intricacies of Igbo culture. Also I felt like everything was all business. I am not saying I wanted friendship, I just felt if I were dealing with someone like "me", there would have been a bit more understanding and I wouldn't have been just another client wwho walked in the door and paid money for services rendered.

Anyhow, thank you for your blog. Please don't stop. A lot of "Naija/African" Wedding blogs start but it looks like they lose steam and they just sort of fall by the way side. Your content is great and informative. You are not just posting pictures of weddings (anyone can do that), you are providing valuable information, highlighting and featuring relevant wedding information and I like that. Maybe you guys should start youe own Magazine; hey that's how the Knot got started. WE are definitely reading, we just may not leave a comment when we stop by.

Memi said...

@Tola ANytimeee! Thanks so much for coming up with this magazine, we here at BCG are behind you 110%. You have started a very good thing and may the good Lord continue to see you through :-)

@Fola No secrets here at all, LOL! Maybe one of these days we'll do a post introducing the team, you'll have to keep checking back to see what happens! Also, you are going to LOVE the mag! Plz come back here and tell me what you think after you receive it!

@Chi - WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you sooooo much for that comment, it really touches me to know we are being heard and people are actually paying attention! I was JUST discussing how little people know about the capabilities of Naija vendors, that is EXACTLY why magazines such as African Brides are soooo necessary and long overdue! That is one of our main goals here on this blog, to let our community know that, your people do good work too! We will talk more about this on next week's blogpost! MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK to dialogue with us!!

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