Celebration of Love!!! Featuring Leslie and Okey!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with my friend's older brother and his wife! They are suchhhh a beautiful couple to me and they just exemplify what it really means to love your spouse with the love of God! Here is what they had to say!!

His name Okey Nwoke
Her name Leslie Oluchi Nwoke

Okey: 29 (turning 30 next month, May 3rd)
Leslie: 28

Location: Washington DC

How did you lovebirds meet???

Leslie: Meeting Okey was totally unexpected, but a much welcome surprise. I was scheduled to fly to DC to present at an award show as Miss Nigeria in America. I totally didn’t want to go. I was tired, felt bad because I would be missing my sister’s birthday, and had a huge zit… soooo not an appropriate way to greet people ;)
Okey: I couldn’t stop smiling when I first laid eyes on Leslie Oluchi Ibeanusi. My brothers and I were dressed to impress for the African Peoples Award Ceremony in Washington D.C. networking for our grassroots campaign called I AM THE FUTURE. Little did I know that I would find the lady I would spend the rest of my life with that night.
Leslie: When my director and I arrived at the Washington Convention Center, we set up our table at the show’s expo. I had a chance to meet so many amazing people that afternoon– 3 of which were Okey, and his two brothers Nnamdi and Uzoma. I first noticed them while I was talking to other guests. They came and stood behind the lady I was speaking with. I was freakin out- What was I suppose to say to them? Why do they want to talk to me? I stalled and prolonged my convo with that lady as looong as possible. Eventually, the convo got awkwardly long, and she pulled away (probably thinking I was a nutcase), as I was still grasping for things to say. Darn it! She left…
Okey: When I first caught eyes with Leslie, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to get to know her. I picked up the pace to get to her before my brothers so that I could be the one to start the conversation.

Leslie: In fact, he didn't start the conversation. Rather, he stayed quiet until the end…
Okey: My brothers and I ended up talking to Leslie about our passion to bring positive change to Nigeria. They dominated the convo and I just stood waiting patiently for my chance to jump in. After the convo ended, I walked to the side with Les to get some privacy and made my move.
Leslie: I gave him my email….he had to work to get my number.
Okey: Okay, so I only walked away with her email address that night. But hey, that’s a start right? I was going to email the heck out of this girl and hope for the best. Things looked pretty promising by the look in her eyes and the beautiful smile she gave me. Not once, but a couple times that night.
Leslie: So we parted ways- with hopes of seeing each other later that night at the award show. The night came and went, and at the end of the show, a lot of Nigerian press were taking pictures for their magazines and websites. As I made my way around the circuit, I kept looking at the corner of my eye for the brothers to come out. Finally, I just asked my director to go bring them outside to snap a photo with me.
Okey: What? She wants to take a picture with us? Oh its on!!!
Leslie: The weekend ended great. When I flew back into Atlanta and got to my desk at work, the first email I saw that morning was from Okey. Wow, he moves fast I thought…

Okey: I couldn’t stop thinking about Leslie when we left the convention center. Once I got home I told my entire family about this beautiful girl that I just had to get to know. I wrote Les an email that night letting her know how much I liked getting to meet her and my interest in keeping in touch——and you better believe I threw the ‘swag’ in it!!
Leslie: I tried to avoid him, because I knew he’d ask for my number…hey come on guys, I was a shy girl!
Okey: Emails and Instant Messenger chat sessions were not enough. I really wanted to hear her voice again but didn’t want to push too hard. I must have emailed Les everyday. We had amazing conversations about life, music, missions around the world, family, etc.
Leslie: So one night I mistakenly logged onto IM, and there popped up a message from him. He was asking if I had chance to talk that evening…Oh my gosh, I froze…Like what would I say? What would we talk about that we haven’t already discussed by email? I told my self to BREATHE….then I finally let in and gave him my number…
Okey: I knew Leslie would be a special part of my life after our first conversation. We opened up to each other on so many levels. I was preparing to go on a mission trip to Uganda and Kenya and Les had just gotten back from serving in Honduras. Our passion for Christ and serving the ‘least of these’ is truly what drew our hearts together.

Okey, how did you propose??

Okey: bday party. The whole thing was a set up for me to propose. One of the beautiful things about the whole thing was that Les without knowing a thing told her friends that she could feel me close by. They were thrown back completely by that. When she finally saw me, she was lost for words because I actually was close, just like she felt in her heart. After dinner on the beach she found her room full of roses and a video of friends and family from home congratulating her!

What do you love about each other?
*Okey's Heart
*Okey has such a gentle spirit and kind soul
*I am excited about our ministry together.  Our hearts both beat for the same desire to be used by the Lord.
*I wan to be apart of his journey.
*I want to see him grow
*I admire his willingness to give himself to me and others.
*He loves kids :)
*He is romantic
*He loves my family
*He lets me support him
*His honest desire to please God
*I love Leslie's heart for people and her caring nature. This is truly precious
*I love her beautiful personality and her smile
*I love that the Lord gave us to the same desire to serve the less fortunate.
*I love Leslie's adventurous spirit.
*I love how Leslie affirms me.
*I love that Leslie wants a tribe of kids lol!

What is the BESTTT part about being married??
Les:  Always know that in good times and in mad, my husband is there.  I love that I get to share my life with Okey.
Okey:  Sharing my life with Leslie and growing together in deep unconditional love.

What are you most looking forward to about spending the rest of your lives together?

Les:  I am looking forward to how God will change me in our marriage.  I am excited and look forward to what God desires to do with our union.
Okey:  I am looking forward to learning what it means to lay down my life for my wife.  To love her just like Jesus loves the church.  I am excited to see how he desires us to serve around the world.

What advice would you give young couples who are just getting engaged and are about to jump the broom?
Les:  Enjoy the engagement process, enjoy the feeling of being in love.  Don't let anyone discourage you by saying marriage is too hard.  But also know that challenges will come that are unique to you both as a couple.
Okey:  Go through christian counseling.  Ask each other open, raw, honest questions without being afraid of the truth.  Surround yourself with wise counsel to help guide you during the engagement process.  Have fun, enjoy and love each other.  Listen alot and speak a little.

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Charlene "Chacha" Awele Monu said...

This is so beautiful. I was touched and inspired.

ZFaces said...

Simply amazing......

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Love you guys!

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Fola said...

We love Leslie and Okey! Memi again I ask where do you find these people? I am not only inspired but also encouraged by their love. It is not often young people can declare their love for each other and attribute it to Christ and be fabulous looking all at the same time!!! This got me, right here, in the heart. Please feature more love stories. And we are still waiting on the details from your engagement.

Christina said...

Taking notes guys :)

bees girl said...

What a beautiful,beautiful couple!!I love what you are doing bcg and your website shows your work so well while your blog tells the story of the couples behind the glamorous decor!Blessed!

Leslie and Okey Nwoke said...

aww Memi! well done girl- thanx for even thinking of us:)

Anonymous said...

Love this! Les and Okey are truly an inspiration for young couples everywhere. I continue to wish you all the best!

Love Cuz Chi

Fotos by Fola said...

This is a great love story! Great advice too. Totally agree with going through counseling. Its worth it. Great post Memi!

Mika said...

I have been out of town and could not wait to get back on your blog. Looks like a lot has happened since I have last been here. Honestly I am loving your approach to wedding blogging and just wanted to say thank you again for highlighting beautiful African weddings, vendors and couples and also giving us inspiration for that special day. I can't comment on every single post I missed, but for some things to talk about how about having a traditional wedding without the "white" wedding. What do people think?

Memi said...

Thank you guys!!!

We've missed u Mika! Welcome back! That is a very interesting topic and something we will DEF look into!

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