Happy New Year, Happy New Us!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Did you miss us?  We missed you all so much and we are glad to be back.  We hope you all enjoyed your holidays, your time off and had time to do some introspection?

Last year for us was spectacular.  We got a chance to work with some incredible clients and Ah!mazing vendors.  To everyone we worked with last year, we say thank you for allowing us to do what we do best; showcase unique event designs. 

Well we took out more time than we thought because we wanted to come back with more this year.  We realize that BCG Events is more than event design.  We have so much more to offer.  Being inspired always by beauty, we want to  share with you; our readers, our passion for all things beautiful.  This in itself presents a challenge as there are just so many beautiful things out there, and we want to tie in beauty with love stories, design ideas, wedding stories, fashion looks, you name it.  If it is beautiful, we want to talk about it.  We want to inspire you, to look beyond the obvious and let your inner beauty be your daily inspiration. 

So we began to work on being inspired by beauty, ourselves.  We needed to make sure we understood fully what this meant for us.  It meant we were going to look beyond ourselves, beyond our designs and ideas, beyond what we thought, to be inspired by beauty.  We wanted to make sure that we were drawing inspiration that would also tie back into weddings.   We realized we needed a lot of time to really convey what we wanted, but with designing and creating we were finding that our interests were being stretched.

We realized  that we needed someone with the same passion for all things beautiful, that understood our vision and was chock full of ideas on how to communicate this.  So began the search for our "beautiful blogger".  We thought the search was going to be extensive and drawn out, but no, one of you "beautiful" readers reached out to us and it was indeed beautiful.  We found the one and we are excited for the beautiful new journey ahead of us. We will let her do the introductions and we cant wait to share with you all that we have in store.

Expect weekly posts highlighting beautiful floral, weddings, accessories and styles.  We would feature beautiful love stories, fantastic give aways and share some of our industry expertise with you.  We would be talking about real life wedding planning/design challenges and how to deal with them.  Being of African descent, we would also focus on the beautiful intricacies of our culture as it relates to our wedding events and celebrations.  We want to showcase vendors with the same passion for all things beautiful and provide a new insight to Africans in the wedding industry.   And of course you will get to see BCG designs.

Thank you all for continuing to support us and we look forward to reading from you.

Happy Blogging folks,
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