Trend Alert: Chiavari Chair Back Covers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hey Readers!!!

I know plenty of people have recognized THEE Chiavari Chair. These chairs have become wildly popular in the past couple of years. I think one of the reasons why they have become such a hot commodity is because it actually becomes a part of your wedding decor and the overall look. Now people are taking the fabulosity of these chairs one step further with turning them into works of art!! Check out some of the gorgeous chair back covers that are available to you. Imagine how these could TRANSFORM your decor!

These photos were borrowed from They are located mainly in California and on the West Coast, but if you are interested in something like this for your event reach out to us and our design team will DEFINITELY make it happen for you! Let me know what you think!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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Wedding Planning Diary: Breaking the Rules!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello Readers!!

So just like anything else, wedding planning has a list of unspoken rules and things that are highly frowned upon. I broke one of the rules...keep reading to see what happened and HOW I wish I hadn't!

Okay so remember my post about Running of the Brides back in October when I told you all that I found my dress? Well I didn't buy the dress right away because I wanted to lose a few pounds before I got measured and paid my deposit. So I went back a few weeks ago to do just that. I was soooo excited because my big cousin was coming with me and she was so eager to see the dress and I was so anxious to try it on again! I couldn't wait to try it on that ONE last time for the FINAL confirmation and take pictures and all of that. Sooooooooooooooooooo we get to the store...and guess what?? These people SOLD MY DRESS...yes they SOLD the sample dress. WHO DOES THAT??!!!! So I did not have the opportunity to try the dress on again, get that whirlwind feeling, and feel 100% confident in my purchase!! Basically my only option was to just put my order in, pay my deposit and wait 4-6 months for my dress to arrive. Don't ask me why it takes so long for wedding dresses to arrive....but it does, lol!

So needless to say I was very nervous about ordering the dress, not because I didn't love it the first time but it was 4 months ago, I didn't have any real pictures, and I was REALLY excited about seeing THE dress again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw ANOTHER dress that was just my style and perfect in every way! So of course I tried it on...and of course I fell IN LOVE! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE RULE THAT I BROKE!! Learn from me, once you find THE dress do NOT try on anything else because it is just unnecessary torture. It is the WORST feeling. So I left the store without buying anything and it was on my mind for a solid week. Eventually, I went back, got measured and went with my first choice, the dress I fell in love with back in October. Up until THIS moment I am still very anxious about my decision and I even called the store back 3 days later to change my mind but I chickened out and decided not to switch. 

SO yeah take it from me: When you find the one, DON'T TRY ON ANYMORE DRESSES! LOL! 

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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Let's Have Cake!! Vendor Feature with Sweet Thing Black Orchid

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Readers,

As we all know, next to food and decor the cake is the NEXT most important things guests look forward to. It is pretty much the centerpiece of the wedding! So many couples take their time and try to pick out the PERFECT cake design to go with their theme and decor. It is always very refreshing to see wedding vendors that go above and beyond by not just providing a service, but produce works of art. Sweet Thing Black Orchid is one of those vendors! I had the opportunity to interview Melanie of Sweet Thing Black Orchid and it was a joy interviewing her! Read, comment, and let us know what you think! 

Memi: Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into the bakery business?

Melanie: I have always been a creative soul. I originally came to the Washington DC area to study fashion design at Howard University and ended up changing my major to a medical called me through the years and I ended up back at it- creating cakes and floral arrangements. I started Sweet Thing Black Orchid as a coordinating company in 1999 as the result of my own wedding....I did not have a coordinator nor the creative and unique design items that I love so much now. I promised myself if I could somehow redo my wedding, I would make sure that everything was well put together and more unique. I live that everyday vicariously through my brides now. I quickly added the confection and the floral divisions to the company in 2001, and they have taken on a life of their own. I have been formally trained by Wilton USA and learned from famed cake artist Sharon Zambito. Through the years I honed my craft through practice, practice and more practice and a fearless approach to design.

Memi: What is the significance of your company's name?

Melanie: When you think of our name, we want it to do two things...
1. Make you curious enough to ask us about our name so that we can tell you our story and inspire you to want your own unique creation.
2. More important we want our name to put visions into your head of the two distinct elements that make up our company - Sweet Thing, think of silly and crazy creative designs. This part of the name represents the confection division of the is inspired by all things a little silly and whimsical, Think Willy Wonka. Black Orchid, think rare and exotic. The Black Orchid is one of the World's most rare and elegant flowers and that part of the name encompasses the floral design and coordination divisions of the company. We want potential clients to know that with us, your floral and design needs will be just that, unique and elegant. 

Memi: What do you love the most about making wedding cakes? 

Melanie: The best part of making a wedding cake is far after the cake is complete and in fact gone. When clients call and tell us they loved their cake or sent happy pictures of their events. That's why we do this....their satisfaction is everything to our team.

Memi: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Melanie: Inspiration comes from exactly everywhere. I designed a cake once after staring, for an hour, at the way a ladies shirt fell in a pool around her waist. It had the most unique rippling effect. That cake turned out to be my most favorite cake of all times with the bottom tier emulating the ripples. No matter what I see, no matter where I go, I see cake in everything I look at.

Memi: Do you have a favorite cake flavor? If so, what is it?

Melanie: Yes, of course! My favorite cake flavor is "Wedding Cake". It is clean and pure and very refreshing. It has the smell of vanilla but the light taste of Almond. So delightful.

Memi: How do you make sure that your company and cakes stand out amongst the numerous options brides have for bakers?

Melanie: First and foremost, we make sure we interpret our client's vision for their cake and not our own. So many artist impose what they feel safe designing for you - on you. We try our hardest to give you what you want. When we have Carte Blanche....the sky is the limit to what we can create. We don't want our cakes to be your mother's wedding cake (although what was once old is now new again). We never design the exact same cake twice and every one of our cakes has a name....whether we name it our our clients do.

Memi: What are some of your favorite wedding cake trends past, present or future? What trends do you hate the most?

Melanie: Ah, I love this question...My favorites have been jewels....big chunky juicy blinging jewels on lovely. Also faded, ombre techniques (where colors go from light to dark). Airbrushing on cakes...I simply adore this technique in any fashion.
Trends that I hate - well this is not possible for me to answer. I see each cake as a representation of the individuals I am designing for. I see their personalities and believe it or not, their unique mannerisms in their cakes so to say I hate something about their cake, well, you get the picture

Memi: Where do you see Sweet Thing Black Orchid in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Melanie: On top baby! We have actively been partnering with some of the major hotel chains in the DC market so we plan to grow our hold in that arena which will provide the means to expand our foot print with private clientele as well. We also plan to open a bigger and better store front in 2013. Location TBD. 

Memi: What is some advice you would give to a planning bride who is totally lost on choosing a wedding cake? 

Melanie: Due diligence! Take your time, do your research, check out pricing options, read reviews, ask every possible question you can to the potential designer, then ask 10 more. There are plenty of cake designers out here. This day is one of the most special days in your life. Make sure you entrust your cake, as well us all other elements of your wedding, to someone who is as concerned about your wedding day happiness as you are.....and who can deliver....and I don't mean drop off!

Memi: Thanks sooo much for cooperating and speaking with us!!

Melanie: My pleasure Memi, thank you.

If you would like to be a Sweet Thing Black Orchid Bride reach them through:

Phone Number:301-351-8042
Follow on Twitter @SweetTBlackO
"Like" their fanpage at Sweet Thing Black Orchid on Facebook


AS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR OUR READERS SWEET THING BLACK ORCHID will be offering our readers a 10% discount on their cake!

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Color-spiration!! Red, Black, and White

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello Readers,

How are you all?? In the spirit of Valentine's Day and February being the month of love I wanted to share THE color that represents ALL things love...RED!! I love seeing red paired with black and white because it just adds an elegant, chic, classic look to such a bold and bright color! Tell me what you think!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Beautiful Weddings: Isowa and Francis

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello Lovelies!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day and you were showered with love and affection from every side?  Speaking of love and affection, we have another beautiful BCG Wedding to share.  Isowa and Francis's wedding was beautiful; the color palette was quite refreshing: Turquoise and Yellow, and of course the love between them was evident.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy the pictures. 

Pictures: Courtesy Bride (Photographer: Tunji Sarumi)
Event Design, Florals and Decor : BCG Events
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes Valentine's day is for Lovers.  Lovers of life, Lovers of Art, Lovers of people, Lovers of chocolate, Lovers of Kisses, Lovers of Friends, Lovers of Love, Lovers, Lovers,  Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So from us to you, here's sending you kisses,

Flowers,  A box of chocolates

Lots of LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(all other images courtesy of Google images)

And of Course Balloons, Lots of Balloons 

So get out there and spread a lil love!!! Happy Valentine's Day from ALL of us here at BCG Events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Inspired Loves!
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Wedding Planning Diary: The Ups & Downs

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Readers!!

Soooooo I realized that it has been a LONG while since I've updated you guys about how my wedding planning is going. Well I didnt really have too many pleasant things to say about wedding planning, LOL! I didn't want to come on here and rant so I just stayed away from blogging about it...and kind of fell off blogging all together. I even found it hard to log on to my beloved WeddingBee account for about 3 months and that is my haven on all things weddings!! Needless to say I wasn't in the greatest place. What was the issue you ask? Well first and foremost I realized my fiancee and I had a LOT on our plate with planning this humongous wedding, house searching, holiday shopping, jobs, family, just got to be a tad overwhelming. Second of all we noticed that the budget we had just was NOT enough for what we want to do, that was the hardest part for me because it really forced me to take many steps back and reevaluate EVERYthing. We met with our planner who really helped to put things in perspective and offer us some really good advice. After that my Fiancee and I prayed, we fasted, and asked God to just take control and have his way in our lives. So now we are pressing on in a positive direction and I have NO doubt in my mind that God will be glorified on the day of our wedding!!

Now fun stuff!! I'd say the best part of wedding planning is being able to create things that are a reflection of you and your fiancee. For instance, I know it seems corny but I really had a LOT of fun making our save the dates. We had a fall engagement session with our photographer and we used those photos to make the save the dates. It was cool sitting down with my honey and going through our favorite pictures and choosing different layouts and colors, we had alot of fun with that! We went with and they had the best options in comparison to other stationary sites...they were a little more expensive but we saved over $100 using coupon codes. So WIN for us!!

Here is a pic of one of our Save The Dates!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Trend Alert: First Look Photo Session

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello Readers!!

The trend we are visiting today is the "First Look Photo Shoot". Needless to say wedding photos have drastically changed in the past few years from group photos where the bride and groom just stand and smile to a more photo-journalistic style of photography. Now we see wedding albums that actually tell a story and really display the essence of the love the couple really share. One way people are making the most of their photos and utilizing every minute of time on their wedding day is by doing a short session BEFORE the ceremony. During this session the bride and groom get to see each other and share some private moments together before she walks down the aisle. They get to calm each other's nerves, talk, get the crying out of the way and have some one on one time because it will be the ONLY time that will happen all day, lloll! This may not work for the really traditional couple but it depends on you and your fiancee. Here are some pictures of "First Looks"

Typically the groom's back is turned and the bride walks up to tap him on the shoulder
 (Joshua Dwain Photography)

(Joshua Dwain Photography)
(Joshua Dwain Photography)

So whether you want the "First Look" to be you walking down the aisle and experiencing the rush of emotions you will feel at the ceremony OR if you want to be able to share a few private minutes with your soon-to-be-spouse and make the most of your wedding timeline. It is definitely a personal choice!

Readers what do you think?? Would you be open to a first look photo session?? Or would you want to keep to tradition?? Talk to me!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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