REAL BCG Wedding: Femi & Folarin!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey Readers!!

I know you all have probably been wondering, when we will feature a BCG wedding! Well here we are! We bring to you today Femi & Folarin! Their wedding colors were different shades of pink and purple with gold accents. We used an infusion of orchids, hydrangeas, roses, branches and crystals to make this design really pop! We did a really unique and different bouquet for her and everybody LOVED it! Let us know what you think!!! Talk to me!

A TRULY beautiful wedding done RIGHT! Agree or Disagree? Dont keep us hanging!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Have You Always Wondered???: Yoruba Traditional Engagement/Wedding Ceremony

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello Guys! Today I have a post answering questions some people may have! The question of the day is what goes into a Yoruba Traditional Engagement/Wedding and what is it all about??

In Yoruba culture, the engagement ceremony is seen as the actual wedding ceremony, with the church event and reception being a formality due to Western influences. The engagement ceremony is held a couple of weeks or during the week leading up to the church event. The groom is dressed in an agbada and underneath that he wears, buba ati sokoto (men's blouse and pants). On his head he wears a fila (cap). The bride is in iro ati buba (wrapper and women's blouse) accompanied by an ipele (the garment on her shoulder) and a gele (headgear). Around her neck she wears traditional beads called iyun. These are made from red coral. The fabric used for the agbada, ipele and gele is aso-oke, specially handwoven for the couple for the day. Typically, the aso-oke design is unique and never repeated for anyone else and is usually chosen by the bride's mother at the weaver's store. The buba ati sokoto as well as iro ati buba are usually in a lace fabric and worn only by the couple on that day. Below is a photo of an example of the outfits the couple will typically wear.

S67 Photography
Traditional marriage consists of two parts. The Introduction & The Engagement. It is now common for these two to flow into each other as they are held on the same day while the wedding ceremony for a Christian couple takes place soon after, in the church. This is akin to the practice in the Biblical times when a bride is betrothed to her husband but the wedding celebration is at a future time.
The Introduction is the part of the ceremony where the groom’s family introduces themselves to the bride’s family and also makes known their intention to ask for the hand of the bride (from the bride’s family) in marriage to their son. This is done through the help of a spokesperson on both sides of the families. The spokesperson on the groom’s side is referred to as The Standing Chairman (“alaga iduro” in the Yoruba language). The spokesperson on the bride’s side is referred to as The Sitting Chairman (“alaga ijoko” in the Yoruba language). Most of the exchanges will be between The Standing Chairman and The Sitting Chairman. The groom and his friends are normally asked to "dobale" (prostrate) as a form of respect in front of the bride's family, in order to show how SERIOUS he is about marrying their daughter!!
S67 Photography
Then next, a proposal letter written by the groom and his family is presented to the bride’s family and in return, an acceptance letter is given to the groom’s family and the engagement follows. 
The Engagement is the part where the groom’s family is expected to bring the items listed in the engagement list given to them. This list is often agreed upon ahead of time and may include some of the following items: yams, honey, salt, fish, drinks, a suitcase of clothes for the bride, The Bible, an engagement ring, etc. Each of these items has its own significant symbolism which serves as the spring board for prayers during the ceremony. Below is an example of a "engagement list" (the amounts are in "Naira", Nigeria's national currency)
Typical Yoruba Traditional List for the Groom
-Engagement Bible-Owo Isigba(fee to open the gifts on this list (usually packaged))- ₦ 500
-Engagement RingDowry - ₦ 5,000
-One Big Suitcase-Owo Omo Ile Okunrin(Money for all male children) - ₦ 500
-2 Different Pairs of Shoes and Bags-Owo Omo Ile Obinrin(money for all female children) - ₦ 500
-2 Head Gears (of high quality)-Iyawo Ile - (money for all wives in the family) ₦ 500
-Gold Wrist Watch-Owo Iya Gbo(money for bride’s mother’s consent) - ₦ 1,000
-1 Traditional Cloth (Aso- Oke)-Owo Ijoko Agba (money for all the elders in he family) - ₦ 1,000
-4 Other Assorted Clothes-Owo Ijoko Iyawo(Money to bring in bride) - ₦ 1,000
-42 pcs Obi (Kola nut)-Owo Isiju Iyawo(money to unveil the bride) - ₦ 1, 000
-42 pcs Orogbo(Bitter kola)-Owo Ikanlekun (Entrance fee) - ₦ 500
-42 pcs Atare (Alligator pepper)-Owo Baba Gbo (money for bride’s father’s consent) - ₦ 500
-1 Decanter of Pure Honey-Owo Phone(money for phone calls) - ₦ 500
-1 Big Dish of Aadun(peppered Corn meal)-Owo Plane (money for travel to groom’s family house)- ₦ 500
-1 Big Dish of Sugar-Reading of Letter - ₦ 500
-42 pcs Big Eja Osan (Dry fish)-Owo Alaga Ijoko(money for MC) - ₦ 500
-1 Big Dish of Salt-4 Cartons of Five Alive
-42 Tubers of Big Yam-4 Crates of Can Drinks
-1 Roll of Sugar-6 Bottles of Wine
-1 Big Bag of Salt-2 Crates of Can Malt
-Umbrella-1 Empty Decanter
An example of gifts the Groom's family will bring to the engagement ceremony
The groom will present the bride with her engagement ring. Both the bride and groom are then prayed for by the heads of both families including their parents and others appointed on each family’s behalf.
 After prayers, families and friends of the bride and groom are invited to eat and dance. 
A Mother holding on to her daughter while praying for her for the last time b4 she joins into another family (Google)
What do you guys think?? Do you have any other questions about Yoruba Engagements??? Ask away!! 

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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The Urban Marketplace Vendor Showcase 2011!! Something for Everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey Guys!! Today I have something really special in store for you! I had the pleasure of interviewing the co-founders of TUM; DeeDee George and Somachi Dumebi- Kachikwu. Their excitement and anticipation of this event got me JUST as EXCITED as them!
I am even more excited because they've selected BCG Events as a featured platinum vendor for their Premier Showcase Event on Sunday, July 31st, 2011. Please come by and say hi to us! You'll get to meet me and the entire BCG Team as well as be exposed to other TOP-NOTCH vendors in the DMV area for absolutely ALL you need for an ultra fab event!!! Keep reading for more information on TUM and the ladies behind it!

What is TUM - The Urban Marketplace?
The Urban Marketplace (TUM) 2011 is a Premiere Showcase Edition featuring select premium wedding and lifestyle vendors in a modern open house. Located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, MD. TUM has been staged as a single platform for everything YOU need to facilitate your next glamorous occasion - elegant event merchants, trendy clothiers and chic pop-up fashion boutiques, all sure to deliver the WOW!!!!-factor.

How was this idea born?? 
We (Dee Dee and Somachi, co-founders of TUM) share a passion for quality event management and after attending and hosting numerous events, we thought it would be a great idea to stage a showcase featuring the talent and creativity of select, local entrepreneurs. TUM 2011 DC is The Premiere Showcase Edition and will be focused on providing a selection from the best celebration event vendors and fashion retailers, who represent the new frontier in personal style and professional event design. Pairing this lifestyle showcase with an eclectic music mix, the event will be all about flair, fashion and fun.  TUM literally stands for The Urban Marketplace, an innovative event that pairs premium vendors with VIP guests.

Somachi & DeeDee

How long has TUM been in the works?
The idea of TUM was birthed approximately six months ago. We are grateful to God for His guidance and to our family and friends for their support. We remain very excited about the direction and growth opportunities for TUM.

What inspired TUM? Why did you feel like our community needed this?
TUM is inspired by the need to promote the exciting talent within the African Diaspora in the US and the need to elevate these businesses beyond their immediate community. The community can benefit from TUM because it is a one stop shop for some of the best products and services in the DC/MD/VA area; also all vendors will be offering discounts at the TUM showcase. It is an excellent opportunity for guests to browse through our selected vendors, purchase chic, fashionable products and contract event merchants for their next glamorous occasion. 

What is the impact you are trying to make with TUM? What do you hope to accomplish?
TUM is designed to be a one stop shop for any celebration. By providing a single platform to hosting any noteworthy celebration, TUM will provide quality vendors to guests and an extensive customer base to vendors. Our vision for TUM is to host frequent events featuring select vendors. Each event will have a targeted vendor group seeking to network, expand and grow their business. Percentage of proceeds from TUM events goes to established non-profits working to assist the less privileged within the African continent to encourage economic development and entrepreneurship, especially for women.
What do you look for at an event? How would you define a successful event?
A successful event is one that is well-designed, well-managed and well-executed, where guests are entertained, vendors satisfied and everyone’s searching for the replay button! This is exactly what we see for TUM. We are event management experts and have designed the TUM event structure to generate cross-promotion and expanded clientele for vendors, while attracting, entertaining and retaining guests. 

How would you describe your style?
Our style is Afro contemporary! We are forward thinking and culturally inspired.
What motivates you, personally?
We are motivated by the passion of our clients/vendors and excitement of our guests. 

What are your goals with this movement? Where do you want to see this go? 
Our goal is to create a showcase that will mainstream our clients and provide networking opportunities that will elevate their businesses. TUM 2011 DC is our premiere event; we have a lot of exciting packages that will showcase our vendors virtually and other events in the future. In the coming months, TUM will host specialized events catering to different beauty, fashion and lifestyle sectors. Most definitely look out for more after TUM 2011 DC.

What can guests expect from this event?
Guests can expect to have an unforgettable experience. The vendors have been carefully selected and will offer their quality products and services at exclusive TUM rates. We’d love our guests to take full advantage of these offers. There will be an array of entertainment options including live music performances, free makeover tutorials, a mini-fashion-runway and signature spotlight sessions, while guests peruse the fashion items for sale and event vendor services. Prizes for our raffle draw include an iPad 2, a pair of tickets to see Fela!, The Musical in DC and luxury gift cards. The first 100 VIP guests will receive a TUM Fab Bag and access to our complimentary cocktail bar, which includes an array of summer snacks and delectable desserts. Our music partners, DJ Universe and DJ Obi, will provide an eclectic soundtrack, sure to keep guests entertained. 

Here are the details again if you may have missed them.

When: July 31st 2011 from 3pm to 7pm
Where: The Civic Center in Downtown Silver Spring (1 Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910)

By the way you must RSVP to attend so check out: to reserve your spot.  The ladies of TUM also want us to remind you they have fabulous Swag Bags filled with goodies for the 1st 100 attendees, so get there early, you can also win an iPad 2 (which I so covet right now).

YESSS! They have me SOOO excited about this event, I will be there and hope to see you all of you and for all my lovelies who can't make it, watch this space for our special update on the event. We'll have pictures, vendor giveaways and more.

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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Beauty Sightings: STUNNINGGGG centerpieces!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey Guys!! 

I just have some eye-teasers for you today! When you walk into a wedding reception your eyes are AUTOmatically drawn to what?? The centerpieces! They are literally the focal point of any wedding design. A beautiful centerpiece can take your wedding reception from drab to fab very quickly!! So here are some that I've stumbled across that make me wipe the drool off my keyboard!

This seems very simple, but it looks so serene and I LOVE IT!

This is SUPER dramatic but it works!

All the photos above were taken from Tumblr.

What do you guys think?? I prefer more DRAMATIC centerpieces, very tall, very full, and dripping in **BLING**! What about you? What style of centerpiece do you prefer?

Stay Blessed My Loves,
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Groom's Corner: How to Look Your Best on your Day!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Everyone!!
Soooo I'm not sure exactly how  many male readers I have but I know my male friends read AND my fiancee' reads so I figured I should try a little something for any male readers that DO happen to stumble across the blog from time to time, LOL! So I'm going to start a series called The Grooms Corner. If it turns out to be popular I'll do it on a more frequent basis!

Today in The Groom's Corner, I want to discuss some wedding day Fashion Do's and Dont's! We hear it all the time that a wedding is all about the bride, nobody is checking for the groom, he is a background singer while the bride is the lead singer, BLAH BLAH BLAH! I dont agree with those statements because when I look back at my wedding pictures I want my groom to look as smashing as I do! There is absolutely no point in the bride looking drop dead gorgeous and the groom looking just...plain. LOL! Even though the groom is just a suit, shoes, and a tie. There is SOO much u can do with accessorizing and selections that will turn a drab groom into a red carpet worthy groom!

P.S. These are STRICTLY my opinions, I am not judging or knocking anyone!! It's your wedding day, this is just my OPINION of what will make you look your best!

Fashion DON'T #1: Try to stay away from RENTING a tuxedo.

 I always suggest that grooms go out and buy a really nice suit that they can get tailored to fit them correctly. There is a HUGEEE difference between a suit that has been tailored to fit you and a suit that is not. I promise...everyone can tell, lol! PLUS people tend to rent because they assume it is cheaper but the price of renting a tux now a days can be anywhere from $100 to $150. A really nice tailored suit can run you anywhere between the $300-$600 price range. That will really depend on where you are getting it from, fabric of the suit, how much tailoring will be done, etc. The good thing about the suit you buy is that you can wear it over and over and over again with different shirts and ties to make it look new and before you know it, the suit would've paid itself off vs. renting a tux and taking it back the day after the wedding!

Which would you prefer??

Now this guy right here EPITOMIZES how to wear a suit correctly! See the movie Takers for more examples!!

Fashion DON'T #2: White Tuxes = Wedding Day No! No!

Please, please, please stop with the white tuxes. If you are already married and you wore a white tux, it's okay! I'm not trying to offend you, but white suits are just a peeve of mine. Loll!! I don't know what it is, but I feel like it takes away from the beauty of the photographs in my opinion. Like there is no contrast between the brides dress and the grooms tux AND it just brings back memories of junior and senior prom. Let's just please leave the white to the bride!! Colors I think work really well for grooms are of course classic black, diff shades of gray, and navy blues.

See how there is no contrast? (
See the difference??? (

I cant emphasize enough the importance of menswear accesories! When it comes to your wedding day attire, guys, make sure to pay attention to EVERY detail! This includes your tie, your watch, your cufflinks, and even your socks! Here are just my ideas on how to look your BEST next to your beautiful bride!!

Shoes: For women AND men, shoes are the crowning glory of ANY outfit it can take your outfit from amazing to blah in one quick glance. It is important to make sure your shoes are properly shined, no scuffs, or white marks! Try to stay away from bulky, chunky soled dress shoes, especially if your suit has been tailored for a slimmer fit. The slimmer the suit the slimmer the shoe should LOOK. I personally prefer a pointier, lace up dress shoe.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Cezanne, Kenneth Cole-Bill Board , Kenneth Cole-Hop On Board (l-r)

Ties/Bowties: Whether or not a  groom chooses to wear a straight tie or a bowtie is strictly personal preference. Some guys are bowtie guys, some guys are straight tie guys! It's up to you!! As for the color and design of your tie, this is one of the few places where a groom can allow his personality to shine through his outfit! Traditionally, the groom's tie should blend with whatever color schemes the couple has chosen. BUT it is not completely neccesarry in my opinion (As long as the groom is not trying to wear a neon green tie when the color scheme is sky blue and pink, loll). There are also numerous patterns that a groom can play with as far as stripes, brocade, and many others! 

Possibilities are LIMITless!!! (all photos from
 To all the Grooms-to-Be out there, have you thought about your wedding day attire? What look will you go for? To all the married brothers reading today, how involved were you in picking out your outfit? Did you let your wife pick it out for you or were you very hands on? If you could go back in time would you do ANYTHING different about your wedding day outfit?? TALK TO ME!!! I WANT to hear from all of you!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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