GUESS WHO's BIZACKKKKK!!! My re-introduction....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I want to start this off by saying I am sooooo sorry for disappearing on you guys!! Pleaseee forgive me, lol! I missed blogging so much!!

Some may ask, why did she stop blogging? Well five words WEDDING PLANNING IS NO JOKE! Maybe I'm just a weakling but I just couldn't bring myself to come out and give advice and talk about anything wedding related, when mine was giving me such a headache and causing me so much stress. 

But I am back to blogging with a wealth of new information, inspirations, and advice first hand. My goal now is to help all my beautiful ladies (and handsome guys) planning a wedding. I hope that you'll be able to learn from my mistakes and make your life just a TINY bit easier! If ANYBODY at all has any questions about wedding planning or how my husband and I dealt with the drama and stress please feel free to email me at

I have a few teaser pictures taken by family and friends. I don't want to ruin the professional pics for you guys....butttt I cant help myself! Dont worry I'll be back with a full list of wedding planning DOs and DONTs, inspiration pics, and most of all BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS!!

First Dance Fun

US jamming during dinner! Shout out to @DJUniverse and @Shanicaptures for the picture

Centerpiece Shot :-) BCG KILLED IT! I cant wait to see the pro pics!

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