Introducing our New Vendor Spotlight; Our Beauties: Zuribelle

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello Beauties; yes I said it, you are all beautiful in your own individual and unique way, so OWN it.  It's been a while and I am glad for that because it means business is good.  

Anyhow, I am so happy to be bringing to you our very first vendor feature.  YEAH!!!! I am also particularly excited about this feature because this young lady is absolutely fabulous and excellent at what she does.  I just really love to see that; young women who are entrepreneurs striving to carve out a legacy for generations to come.  GIRLS totally rock!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!!!

Let me introduce to you, our very own Rotola Ogunye, CEO of Zuribelle, an exquisite event consulting boutique serving New York and New Jersey.  "Tola" as she likes to be called has a passion for planning exquisite, flawless and unforgettable events.  We recently worked with the Zuribelle Team and they are absolutely Ah!Mazing.  

I had a chance to speak with her and I was more than honored, I was proud to be in such good company and really can't wait to see what Zuribelle has in store for us.  See our interview below and she has a special give away to our BCG bloggers so read on .....

AJ:  So what does " Zuribelle" mean?
RO: Well Zuri means beauty in Swahili and Belle means beauty in French, so Zuribelle is Beauty

AJ:  And what kind of services do you provide?
RO: Zuribelle is an event consulting boutique that offers services from event planning and coordination to image consulting for the discerning client.

AJ: You are are more visible in the wedding industry?
RO:  Yes, while we provide services for the general population, we have a niche in the wedding industry because we have a bridal boutique where we help brides create their individual wedding style; from the dress to the centerpieces, we work closely with them to complete their entire wedding look.

AJ: Interesting concept, how did you come up with that?
RO: Well, I started with the Zuribelle Bridal Suite.  We have our own label and also carry popular designers such as Pronovias, Watters and Watters.  We also search out up and coming designers; especially African designers like Peridot and Ruby, all so that we can provide our brides with a wealth of choices when it comes to wedding gowns and bride maids dresses.  I noticed that as we styled our brides, they had additional questions about their wedding look and style, color matching, which vendors they should choose, as well as just general advice regarding their weddings.  Again since I am very passionate about events I started to offer my advice and services, so much so that couples started flying me out for their weddings to provide coordinating services!  So, we added on Zuribelle Events and our bridal boutique to help our brides with their wedding details.

AJ: WOW!!! So what is the "Zuribelle" experience?
RO:  It is an experience that evokes emotions, that puts our clients on "Cloud 9".  At the end of the night they don't want the music to stop, guests don't want to go home because they have had such an enjoyable time.  Truly a Zuribelle event is an event that would leave an indelible impression in minds forever. 

AJ: So how is it that you do all that you do (a la Niecy Nash)?
RO: LOL!!!! Of course I have a team that works with me on events and we are also very selective of the vendors we work with.  We want our clients to have the ultimate experience so we do have a list of preferred vendors that we work with to help bring their vision to reality.

AJ: So what is next for Zuribelle?
RO:  Well, we just recently joined the Munaluchi Bridal Team as a Guest writer and we are preparing for our African Bridal Showcase in Ghana later on this year.  We are hoping to build our client base and of course style many more weddings in the near future.

AJ: Who are your dream/favorite vendors?
RO: PRESTON BAILEY!!!! Munaluchi Bridal, BCG Events, Ijorere Invites, DJ Kelechi, KC Photography just to name a few

AJ: Hey thanks for adding us to that list, so what would be your dream wedding/event to plan?
RO: A Celebrity Destination Wedding.  Malia Obama'a wedding and Oprah, if she ever gets married. LOL!!!!

AJ: Well, Tola it's been a pleasure to have you here at the BCG Vendor Spotlight and we are looking forward to seeing more of you on the blog.
RO: Thanks.  And to all of your bloggers and fans out there, we have a special surprise! We will offer them a free event consultation and 10% off any Zuribelle package if they book before September 1st 2010.  Just mention BCG Blog to get your discounts!

For more about Tola and her fabulous team, check out
In the meantime here are a few images of Tola and her Team.

Pics of a Zuribelle Wedding

(Photo Credits: John Christopher Photos)

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Caramel Delight :-) said...

I've attended a Zuribelle event in the past and it truly is unforgettable! I would recommend Zuribelle for any bride that wants to be headache free through the planning process! They are so professional and provide brides with the best gift of all- the gift of peace of mind.

Keep up the good work!

DeeDee said...

I know Rotola will bring the same passion, professionalism and exceptional service from her Zuribelle Bridal line to making sure her events are top notch! You go Mrs O!

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