Tracy and Shane - LOVE IS STILL ALIVE

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When we thought about this giveaway, we wanted to make it special.  We are all inspired by love and how we get there (in love) is always intriguing.  We received several of your "love stories" , and they were intriguing.  However, the  couple who inspired us the most were Tracy and Shane.  Their story is one that is made for the books; a Nicholas Sparks book, literally.  We love the uniqueness of their relationship and we were definitely compelled to share.  Hopefully their story will inspire many more of you to step out in love, even in the most unusual places and unexpected packages.  

"Wow. The story of Shane and Tracy. What can I say, nothing but destiny fulfilled. I had just gotten out of a very bad 2+ year relationship and wasn't looking for love. I was divorced, 28 and had a 2 year daughter that needed me. I was at work one day and feeling under the weather, when this young 19 yr old walked in and changed our lives forever. Had you told me a year ago that one Hardess biscuit, a scary movie and a broken thumb nail at the bowling alley would turn into the greatest love I've ever known...I would have thought you were crazy.

Well, Shane and I are getting married 10/16/10 and I can't believe it.  I am so thankful to God for sending me the man you read about in love novels. He opens my car door, walks on the sidewalk closest to danger, rubs my feet after a long day at work (FOR BOTH OF US), prays over us, irons our clothes at night before going home, picks up "my" daughter in the morning to take her to school- - -just to give me an extra 30mins of sleep, and the list honestly goes on. 

He does all of this and more with no sexual gratification. We are Christians and we are doing it God's way- - -we don't live together and we are not having sex- - -in any form. I said YES on 03/06/10  because of HIS HEART. He is MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR, my best friend, my smile, my partner, my side kick, my future hubby and I love him.  He is the greatest father to a child that although isn't his blood, she is his heartbeat.

The greatest thing about our relationship though, would be our unselfish giving to others. This past March we met a couple fighting against stage 4 cancer. We put our own wedding plans on hold and began to pour into them. Praying, hanging out, cooking and just encouraging them. They are here from Italy, newly married with no friends and just their mothers. They say they have been blessed to met us, but the blessing has been in us meeting them. Standing with them through chemo allowed us to see true love at its rarest form. (Unfortunately Kenny passed away on 06/21/2010 after a courageous battle)

We are now less then 4 months away from our wedding, so we are slowly getting back into the wedding swing.
Thanks for a great giveaway, and win or not, just wanted to share a bit about the man who changed my outlook on life, love and the future Shane A. Dixon. Have a great weekend.
Tracy Koweh"

CONGRATS again Tracy and Shane, enjoy your Robert Andrew Spa Gift.  Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.

To the rest of you out there, keep blogging and loving,
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DeeDee said...

Wow, what an amazing, inspiring love story! Great read. Thanks BCG for giving them another opportunity to celebrate REAL love. God bless...

Debra said...

Sometimes is pays off to do for others instead of yourself. Congratulations Tracy and Shane on a well deserved gift.

Anonymous said...

This truly is like a fairy tale. Thanks for sharing your love story Tracy and Shane.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you guys! It is amazing what God can do when we get out of His way...keep being a God example of love and nothing will get in your way! Love you guys!
~Shanna and DeShaun O'Dell

AJ said...

Thank you all for stopping by the blog and commenting on Tracy and Shane's Love Story.


Special said...

As awesome as my love story thats sweet Thank God for his blessing to all brides that honoe his committment to their love nest

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