Urban Chic Wedding

Friday, July 2, 2010

So, it's beginning of June and unseasonably hot this time of year in MD.  However we are completely excited about this beautiful wedding.  Cellina and Toks wanted something different and unique and that was our goal.

I loved their purple hues and geometric shapes.  Dotun, captured the beautiful details of the day and needless to say we are grateful to have been part of Cellina and Toks Urban chic wedding at the Baltimore Harbor.


@ Pier 5 Hotel

The Ceremony

 Beautiful Cellina

Isnt Love Grand?  Dotun, I love this SHOT of Cells and her man- Toks

Fabulous Bridesmaids (Lovn ALL the purples)

The Boat

More Purple LOVE

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DeeDee said...

The bride's bouquet is out of this world! Great Job AJ.

DeeDee said...

And I LOVE the photo of the bride and groom! That's an amazing shot!

AJ said...

Deedee I agree with you, I am particularly in love with the bridesmaids shot. The shades of purple are mesmerizing. For more pictures please check out:http://www.dotunsblog.com/cellstokswed/

Happy Blogging Folks

Blessing said...

Aww, beautiful, stunning work.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Stunning work. The bouquet is simply elegant. I love the playwith different shades of purple. Works perfectly

Cellina said...

wow.. the colors came out so so beautifully... You made my wedding unforgettable.. people won't stop talking about it nor can we... wonderfully done!!! I can't thank you enough!

marilyn said...

Always to the T as usual. Love all that purple, great job Aboogie.

Eileen said...


Nikki Fadeyibi said...

AJ u did a fabulous job!!! There were colors at my wedding as well ....you make me want to get married again so I can use you heheheheh! Keep it up!

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