HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL!! The Love Celebration Continues :-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy VALENTINES Day Beautiful People!!

I am LOVING the atmosphere today everybody is wearing their red and pink, fresh flowers on everyone's desk and chocolate GALORE scattered throughout the office! Love is one of THE most powerful emotions in my opinion. So it is such a blessing to have a day dedicated to celebrating all things LOVE!

So with that I introduce to you our 2nd couple in the Celebration of Love series :-)

Ms. Ogechi Ekeocha and Mr. Emeka Opara!

Ms. Ogechi (or as her family and close friends affectionately call her "Ogee") is a medical student, raised in Baltimore, MD, who has a passion for treating and healing people. She is known for her outgoing and friendly spirit that radiates through the room as soon as she walks in!

Mr. Emeka is a Masters student at Howard University working on his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He also works with Transtecs Corporation as a part of the Engineering and Corporate Business Development team. His friends and family describe him as loyal, fun, lively, respectable and one who is ALWAYS willing to give a helping hand to those that are in need.

Enjoy their love story :-D


Emeka Says:
It all began with my father. He sat with me and told me stories about his life. Then he talked about my future and how he would love for me to start thinking about settling down. In fact, he said there was a person he wanted me to meet the following day so, wear a suit and tie. “What!!,” was my first reaction. I was very content with the way my life was going. However, what he said that day really stuck with me. So the next morning, with no suit and tie, I drove my parents to Baltimore where I met Ogechi for the first time. We ate and then talked for a while and found out that we had some things in common but, it was because Ogee was intriguing that made me want to get to know her more. “Fathers know what’s best for their sons,” is what I truly believe. My father knew what was best for me and I felt that Ogee may have been what’s best for me so I gave it a shot.

Ogechi says:
My fiance and I took it back to the old tradition where your parents arrange who they want you to marry. It wasn't how I imagined meeting the man of my dreams but it works too:) I had been consumed with school for over 2 years and never really had time to date. So when the situation presented itself I wasn't opposed to it, I also didn't really take it seriously but my parents did. My mom forced me to get up and cook for them before they arrived. She told me how to fix my hair and gave me the jewelry to put on. Looking back, I kind of think that she knew Emi was meant for me. I guess mommy knows best, but I know that no matter which way I wore my hair or whatever earrings I wore, he still would have still taken me out on that first date.


Emeka Says:
Where should I start? Ogechi is the most loving person on earth. I have never met anyone like her before. It’s inspiring and has begun to even change me. I love that she challenges me, pushing me to be a better and more caring person. I love the fact that Ogee makes me laugh at the most unexpected time, even when I've had a bad day. That is why, during those days, I must listen to her voice as soon as I come home. I love that Ogee keeps me on my toes and makes me try new things, even though I fight it ALL THE TIME. I love how unconventional she is, not following others but being followed by others. I cannot stop now! I love Ogee because she always forgives me for my goofy ways. She also has a way of making me feel like I can really accomplish all of my dreams; it is what pushes me through those tough moments. I would not trade Ogee for the world. Oh yea, I also love her eye brows, they are so sexy with that perfect arch. Well arch or not, her brows complement those amazing eyes. I love Ogee because she has an awesome ....… okay I’ll stop now. There are just too many reasons to count. However, no matter where we are or what situation we are in, I can always feel her love.

Ogechi says:
Emi mu!!! I love everything about him. I love when he smiles, because it makes my heart smile. I love when he's angry cause he shows his true soul and thoughts. I love his drive. The same drive he has for his school work and his work is the same he has for me. I love the fact that when I cook he cleans or at least offers too (BONUS POINTS). I love him for loving me through good and bad and accepting me raw. I can go on for pages.


Emeka Says:
We currently live in two different states so we talk on the phone till we both go to sleep. The phone bill is a killer. Therefore, I look forward to talking to Ogechi in person and falling asleep next to her for the rest of my life. I also look forward to sharing warm times with family and friends, and starting traditions as husband and wife. I look forward to seeing the world and there is no better person to do that with than with Ogee.

Ogechi says:
As we are now, I fall asleep with him on the phone or at least have to hear his voice before I can go to bed comfortably. So, I look forward to waking up to him every day and going to bed with him every night until we grow old and wrinkly.


Emeka Says:
Well I want people to know that our love is filled with laughter, kindness, care, and, most of all, with Faith. It feels like we are a perfect pair. God has blessed Ogee and I in so many ways; He has given us a love that is too strong for words. A love that is too great to be explained.
Ogechi says:
My grandma always tells me that there is only one person meant for me, and if I marry the wrong person I will live unhappily ever after. I believe her because I have never felt love the way I have with Emi and I have never been this happy with anyone in my life. I basically just want people to know that love is real and it feels great when you are with that one person for you. Every aspect of life just comes together like a puzzle piece. All the trivial issues of life are forgotten. We're happy, our families are happy and our future looks promising.

There you have it!!
Maybe you SHOULD give that man/woman your parents have lined up for you a chance! You never know what God may have in store for you! I hope you all enjoyed their story it gives hope that our parents really do know what's best at times! Go out and enjoy your Valentines Day! Single or taken, know that God loves you first :-D

Stay Beautiful My Loves,


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