The Woman on the Front of that Bridal Mag Looks Like Me!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A question that I get a lot when I talk about my dream wedding with my friends is "What makes a Nigerian wedding so different than an American wedding" and I never really know how to explain it in detail. I just say "don’t worry you'll come with me to the next one I go to, so you can see for yourself". From the vibrant, color-coordinated geles (headwraps), to the breaking of the kola nuts and the famous MONEY dance!!!! It is an event that is distinctly unique to our people. There is just something about the culture, traditions, attire, atmosphere and the people, that just make it a truly unparalleled experience.

There are a lot of bridal magazines at the grocery store and newsstands that have so many good ideas and filled with so much wedding inspiration but NOTHING ever targeted towards US. I am so happy that this is changing now and would like to introduce two bridal magazines that are bringing all of that to the limelight.

African Brides will be launched in March 2011 . Their slogan is "Elegant Weddings with an African Touch". They are really focusing on that African bride that has spent many years in America and wants a traditional event that will remind all their guests of how it's done back home BUT at the same time, she wants to mix in some Western world flare. It is an excellent resource for that cultural bride who just got engaged and needs help on figuring out what is next!
There is an extensive vendor directory in their magazine and on their website and this is a benefit for the African bride who is looking for those African vendors that understand the ins and outs of having a wedding full of tradition, as well as all the beautiful things that make African weddings a one-of-a-kind experience! My FAVORITE part about this magazine is the humanitarian efforts that come along with it. 10% of the profits from each issue go to a charity organization in Africa that helps to fight hunger, disease, abuse, and illiteracy. A different charity will be spotlighted in every issue. Not only is it a great resource for the planning bride, it is also ALL for an amazing cause! Go to their website at to pre-order your copy RIGHT NOW! They are including a FREE Victoria Secret's "must-have" with each pre-ordered copy! I have my copy, what are you waiting for :-)

Munaluchi Bridal on the other hand, was launched in 2010 by Jaqueline Nwobu and features numerous pages of REAL weddings with people that look like US. Their motto is "For the Bride Who Craves Culture and Style". Looking through this magazine you will see many different wedding dress styles and actual fashion show spreads from top African designers. This magazine is geared towards the fashion forward, haute couture bride looking for inspiration and trying to find her specific wedding style. Consider it the style guide to a fabulous wedding rich with culture. This magazine can be purchased from their website and is sold at major bookstores and some Targets.
 Both of these magazines are definitely must haves for the African bride that is in the midst of planning that special day. Whether you are searching for some beautiful wedding inspiration , that perfect African vendor that can flawlessly execute your vision, or the gorgeous wedding dress that will hug your coke-bottle curves and illuminate your glow, whatever you are looking for can be found in these two magazines tailor-made for US!
And, we'll help you get started!!!! Yes this would be our first give away for the year.  So show some blog love and our very 1st commentor would get the most recent copy of each magazine sent their way, courtesy of BCG Events. 

Stay Beautiful My Loves,


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Anonymous said...

i love this! i'm so happy to see these type of mags on the market

Dotun said...

very cool.

Bee said...

Yay!!!!!!! The blog is back! Great story to start off with, happy to see more "relevant to me" bridal mags that help with planning a cultural wedding. Will look out for this one!

Anonymous said...

very nice.

Ije said...

I absolutely cannot wait for this magazine to launch. I think there is a huge market for it and it's launching is very timely.

MoaCreations said...
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Memi said...

Thank you sooo much guys for the feedback! We are soo excited to see these magazines on the market! WE ARE REPRESENTED!!!

MoaCreations said...

Thanks for the post Memi. African and proud :D looking forward to more of your posts.

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