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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Last week we featured in our "Beauty Sightings", beautiful brides and their colorful aso okes and geles.  If you noticed they all completed their looks with fabulous accessories; shoes, purses, fans and JEWELRY.   So, we only thought it appropriate to feature a vendor who makes incredibly beautiful and fabulous jewelry.

We had the pleasure of sitting with Lola Rotimi from LolaRo Jewelry and picking her mind and finding out what makes her tick and how she comes up with such beautiful pieces!! Lola Ro is a trendsetting, one-of-a kind jewelry designer that makes pieces that can not be found anywhere else. Her jewelry has been featured in Genevieve Magazine and on Bettertv.com for "Top Wedding Trends". Now we are featuring her here and introducing you to the beauty behind the beautiful jewelry!

Memi: When did you start LolaRo and how did it come about?

Lola: I started LolaRo in February of this year. The reason why I decided to start LolaRo is, because I have a huge passion for jewelry making and right from being a little child my passion, if I wasn't painting, I was doing poetry or SOMETHING artistic. I'm a person that loves to create and everyday is a new creation for me! So I saw passion in jewelry and I learnt how to make beautiful pieces from Nigeria, from watching local artists. I always enjoyed the aspect of the bold necklaces that women wear with their outfits. So I decided to take those artistic designs that African jewelry designers use to make fabulous pieces that would fit in the Western world. 

Memi: What does LolaRo mean? How did you come up with that name?

Lola: Lola is my first name and Ro is part of my last name Rotimi. So I just cut off a little bit of my last name to get the Ro because I thought it sounds, um sexy!

Memi: What do you love the most about making jewelry?

Lola: What I love the most about making jewelry is my ability to think of new and complex designs because the fashion industry is evolving everyday. Every season there is a new trend and I love to follow and compete with the trend! I also love to come up with new things that are not on the market and offer things that the industry has never seen before. LolaRo is a trendsetting jewelry line whereby it follows the trend and even goes beyond the trend to create pieces that you wont see anywhere else in the market.

Memi: What would you say inspires and motivates you to make such beautiful pieces?

Lola: Well, what inspires me is just what's in me. It is a natural born talent and I always tell people once you have that passion in you, that should be your INSPIRATION! If you are doing it today you cant just give up and say you wont do it tomorrow, because it is IN you it is built you. It is a passion that drives me to keep doing it. It is something I love to do and is enough to inspire me to want to do it everyday!

Memi: So would you say it was a hard decision for you to want to start your own business?

Lola: Well it came about during the recession, when finding a job was very difficult. So I was just like why don't I put my passion into this and drive it forward, so that is what really kick started the decision I made.

Memi: What do you love the most about adorning brides for their wedding day?

Lola: What I love about doing brides is that they come up with such different design ideas. I love to share my ideas with them, discuss their ideas, look at their outfits and match colors with them and also make necklaces that LOOK like them. That is what I love about brides! Communicating with the customer and finding out what they want and creating designs that will make them happy on their special day!


Memi: So you do make custom pieces??

Lola: Yes, yes I definitely do!

Memi: That is GREAT! I'm sure our readers will love that! What type of woman is the LolaRo customer??

Lola: LolaRo is for EVERYYY woman around the world. Beautiful, slim, big, it is for every woman no matter the shape, size, or color. I refer to my customers as "jewels" because every woman is a jewel, and should look like one, because we are all created in God's image and that is what LolaRo represents. 

Memi: Aww I love that! That is so cute! Who is your DREAM "jewel"? Who would you LOVE to create a piece for?

Lola: I would love to make a piece for Oprah becuase she is a woman who is naturally beautiful inside and outside and has come to love herself for who she is. She is very confident and portrays herself in a beautiful light. That is a woman that I look at and I'm like, "oh I would LOVE to make a necklace for you!"

Memi: Where do you see LolaRo in the next 10 years? And what is your vision for your company?

Lola: LolaRo would expand to other products like handbags, rings, and so many other things to it. I want it to be a lifestyle brand where customers can come in and shop for different fashion accessories. I see it being worn by celebrities and being recognized as a brand that inspires people to follow their passions and dreams because that is what I did. 

Lola Ro is offering our readers a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for FIRST time customers - take 15% off on any necklace set (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) custom made to suit your taste. Price vary from $50 to $500 depending on your design specification. Run over to www.lolarojewelry.com and find something you like! I hope you enjoyed this interview, below are some more pictures of Lola Ro's work!

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Mikki A. said...

This collection is gorgeous, Im in love with piece no. 1!

Jewellery Website Design said...

Nice & Excellent thinking for this work…….:)

Fola said...

Oh wow!!!! This is PREEETTTYYYY. LolaRo, I want all of it. LOL! Memi where do you find these people? Talented, professional and creative too. Thanks for sharing. In the meantime when are you going to feature a cake person or a caterer, we need people like that too and will you be inviting us for tasting so we can attest that they are really good? LOL just kidding.

I just love coming to the blog, its like my happy place. Like I said keep the good stuff coming.

Chi said...

BCG, you are really sticking to your mantra; bringing us Ah!mazing African Wedding Vendors. Keep it going. I am loving it. In the meantime these peices are GORGEOUS!!!! Kudos to the designer, and she only just started? All I can say is WOW!!!When you have passion and you combine it with talent you can absolutely make it.

Thanks again Memi for sharing.

Memi said...

Thank you soooo much ya'll for reading!! Keep the love coming and we will DEFINITELY keep trying to deliver!

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