Beauty Sightings: Beautifullllllllll CAKESSSSS!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Everyoneeee!!!

Today I am doing a beauty sightings on CAKES!! These are not your ordinary, run of the mill, white, 3-round tiered wedding cakes! I have found some of the most out-of-the box, over-the-top wedding cakes EVER! Wedding cakes are one part of your wedding that can and should tie RIGHT in with the decor! Some couples choose cakes that reflect their personality, wedding colors, wedding theme, etc. Basically, you can make your cake look however you can imagine it! The cakes below can testify to that, it is pretty obvious that some of these cakes are products of some wild imaginations! While some others are just spins on classic cake styles!  Just goes to show the possibilities are endless!

All the pictures above are taken from this Tumblr page.

Sidenote: I just wanted to announce to my beautiful readers that I am ENGAGEDDDDDDDDD!!! Yes the love of my life popped the big question this past weekend! I will definitely be journaling the planning process right here! SO stay tuned to see how that goes :-))

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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sweetandsensible said...

awwww....Congratulations!!!!!!!! and I love LOVE the cakes

MsKennie said...

Congrats again on the engagement Memi. And love the cakes.... the peacock feathers and purple especially One of my favorite cakes is from Cake Boss...

Bex said...

sigh. I am so in love with this blog.

Thanks to you Memi, I will be putting very little effort into wedding planning when my time comes. Taking the easy way out and just picking everything from here. So far I have my dress design, my hair do, and now, my cake (second to last).

Lol. Yes, I admit, i lack the originality and creativity to design my own wedding. I'm okay with that. Ha! Who needs to when you've got great sites like this!!

Nic said...

ok sooo, i am in love with the orange cake and the white one with the purple flowers. they're both simple but so chic & pretty. can't wait to see yours :-)!!!

Memi said...

@SweetandSensible Thank you SOOO much!!

@MsKennie Thanks alot! ANd OMG that cake made my mouth drop!! I LOVEEE!!

@Bex I love you! HAhahaa #ThatIsAll

@Nic Thanks so much! Yes I can see you going for everythinggg UBERchic!!

Fola said...

Memi Congratulations on your engagement!!!! Wow lucky u! U have BCG Events on board to help you put all the details together. I am a lil (jus a lil) green with envy. And thanks for this "Beauty Sighting". Beautiful cakes. I am definitely inspired and can't wait until I can "officially" start planning my wedding. Unfortunately though, I would have to make do with the people here in the U.K. I don't think we can afford to fly BCG in. Lol!!! But hey we'll have the blog for inspiration.
Congrats again and we can't wait to read about your planning process.

Memi said...

Thank you soooo much my darling Fola!!! I did not know you were over there in the UK! I will make a point to try and find some amazing vendors over that way!

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