Beautiful Wedding Time! Moji & Olu

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heyyyy guysss!! It's time again for another Beautiful Wedding feature! I present Moji and Olu! There wedding was simple, chic and FAB! Let me know what you think! They've also answered some questions for you to get to know them a little better as you glance at the pics!

Names: Olu & Moji Akinsola
Age: 30 & 25 years old respectively
Occupation: Physicians In Training
Location: Philadelphia.

How did you meet? 

We met in medical school on the very first day of orientation.

What do you love about your spouse?  

Moji: I love his character and his love for God. 
Olu: Her fiery spirit and dedication to her spiritual life in Christ is what I love most.
What was the most stressful part of wedding planning? And how did you deal with it?  

Moji: The stressful part was having our parents add last minute guests to their guest list. We dealt with it by creating more space for their guests to seat but it wasn't an easy or cheap task. 
Olu: I would have to agree with my beloved; dealing with our parents adding guests at the last minute was especially frustrating at times.
What's the best part of wedding planning? 

Moji: I enjoyed planning everything about our wedding. It is the only opportunity to plan a day around the two of you, to show others who you both really are.  It is also a great chance to focus on what it really means to marry someone else, i.e. pre-marital counseling. 
Olu: I loved the idea of working with my best friend to create something luminous. In a way it's very indicative and symbolic of what happens in the marriage itself; that is two worlds, two personalities, and two souls coming together to become one unit.  


Would you do anything different?  

Moji: I would have chosen a different vendor for transportation. 
Olu: I would have gone with a different vendor for transportation as well and a different vendor for stationary. 

Favorite part of your wedding? 

Moji: The ceremony and dancing were so much fun!!! I loved every second of it!
Olu: Even though I was crying at the time, seeing Moji for the first time in her wedding dress walk down the aisle in the church was by far my favorite part of the wedding. I still replay that moment in my head over and over.
Any advice for planning brides??  

Moji: Put God first, focus more on the marriage that is forthcoming rather than the wedding day itself. 
Olu: Always keep God first in everything that you do, start planning early (it's never too early to piece things together) and make sure you plan for what happens after the wedding day as that lasts for eternity. 

      Photographer : Fola Adewole Photography and Ealvarez Photography
      Videographer: Clair Pruett Videography
      Make Artist: Segun Gele International
      Event Decor/ Wedding Planner: JGarner Events (
      Disc Jockey: Lowe Productions  (
      Master of Ceremony: Royal Priesthood Global Entertainment
      Florist: Royal Designs Flowers and Events
      Website: NK Designs
      Wedding Location: Philadelphia 
      Date: 5/21/2011

Beautiful Right?!?!? I loveddd the decor, the church venue, her hair, her dress and ESPECIALLY the Loubs!! Haha! This is a GREAT example of a Nigerian wedding done with taste and elegance! Good Job Moji and Olu! Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! What do you guys think? What do you love?

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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DJ said...

Looks like heaven.

Moji and Olu said...

thank you for featuring us on your blog, it looks wonderful...

TeeEhm said...

Beautiful wedding.
I love the fact that she used her locks (hair) for the wedding. or am I seeing double?

Memi said...

Thanks for commenting guys! Thank you Moji for allowing us to feature your beautiful wedding!

Moji and Olu said...

@ TeeEhm: Yes, my beloved Moji used her locks (sisterlocks, actually) for the wedding. Thanks again Memi for featuring us on your blog!

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