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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Everybody!

Today I have a wonderful surprise for you!! My amazing fiancee offered to be a guest blogger for us!! He wanted to do his OWN version on how future grooms could get involved in the planning process. I was pleasantly surprised on what he came up with! He did a great job if I do say so myself & trust me he is speaking from experience, loll :-) Leave comments to let him know how he did!! 

Tips on Being an Involved Groom

I want the men to picture themselves in the wedding planning process. If you are like most guys (99.9%) the first thing that snaps into your head is seeing your fiancée (with her mother, sister, friend, etc.) picking out the wedding dress, floral arrangements, table cloth color, centerpieces, caterer, DJ, (I can go on for days) while you show up alive and ticking on the wedding day. In the past, grooms were typically uninvolved in the wedding planning process. Having the bride and the bride’s family do the planning was the norm. But times are a changing, as are the roles and responsibilities. The groom can do more than just help out here and there. Being involved can alleviate the stress that the bride may go through.

Guys, we must understand that most women dream about their weddings since they were in their mother’s womb. A vivid picture is set and they want to ensure every single detail is done to achieve that “perfect wedding.” But it must be understood that it is not a one person show. Planning this day would probably be the first major project as a couple, so why not accomplish it together?

Here are some tips for grooms on how to become more involved in their wedding process:

Talk about it/ Ask for help – I believe the first thing you must do is share the ideas you
have. Some guys may be hesitant to help with planning because they don’t have a clue
of what is expected of them. Do not brush aside or shoot down any ideas. That is bad for
business on both ends. Always encourage each other during the planning process to lessen
any outside stress that may come by. Develop a plan that can adhere to both your needs
and stick to it.
Every guy may not have the most aesthetic eye in the world and that’s OK. You can leave
such things as the flowers, décor, and invitations to her. There are other areas that the
groom can take on.

Honeymoon: You’ve wanted to travel to an island with the bluest water for a while now
for vacation. Why not plan the honeymoon? A great way to plan that special getaway
with your new partner.

Limo/Transportation: You love cars. You love everything about cars. You have all
the Fast and Furious DVDs and even the special edition of Disney’s Cars. This would
be the perfect opportunity to get involved in the search for the limo and the mode of
transportation for the bridal party.

Groom and groomsmen attire: Hey, why not have a say in what you and your
groomsmen are going to wear? This is a great way to show your own style (of course
that the both of you can agree on.)

Entertainment: Choosing the entertainment for the reception is a great way to get
involved in the wedding planning. You can have auditions of the bands or DJs that you
both have in mind. If the band/DJ play somewhere regularly, take a night out and go
listen to them with your bride to be. This would be a great way to spend time together
while ticking off the “Need DJ/Band” on the checklist.

Organizer: If you are a good in keeping things organized, you can help by taking
care of all the paper work that you may obtain such as contracts and receipts. This is
a great way to use your skills as a natural organizer and put your excel spreadsheet
awesomeness to work.

Include something special in the wedding for you: This can change your mindset of
a wedding being a boring formalized ritual to something personal, unique, and fun. If you
are a musician, you can play a song for your bride during the reception. Wouldn’t that be
nice… performing a song for your bride at your wedding.

Get involved! With these suggestions, I’m sure the planning process would be a lot easier and even more exciting for the both of you. It is not easy being the groom now-a-days. There's a lot expected of you, and a multitude of tasks to check off the list. But no matter how crazy things get, never forget that you love her and that the frenzied preparation period is just one hurdle on the road to a beautiful life together.

Be Easy,
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Mikki said...

I heart this sooo much!!! Way to go Dapo!!!!

Yomi said...

This is actually pretty amazing Dapo. I'm pleasantly I'm guessing you're going to be performing at your wedding...uhn? lol. I like your ideas. Hope you guys are having fun with planning your wedding. Much love!

Yomi Ajulo

Bexy said...

This was an awesome twist! Love it and you both! Go Daps!

Martha N. said...

Great job Daps! Pass it along to your fellow bross l0l

Lola said...

Dapo this is GREAT. Very detailed and personal. I love it!!!!

Memi you have some competition o lol

Anonymous said...

I love love this piece. Good job Dapo!!!!

Charlene "Chacha" Awele Monu said...

He's going to be a great husband! This was awesome

Memi said...

Thanks Mikki, Bexy, Martha, and Anon!!! He is glad everyone enjoyed it!

@Lola Abi oh! I better watch my back huh? LOLLL!

@ChaCha Thanks soo much babes! I think so too ;-)

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