Beauty Sightings: Beautiful Bridesmaid Photos

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Speaking from someone who is having a huge bridal party I love looking at bridesmaid pictures and gaining inspiration from poses to overall looks. I've come across some pictures that make my mouth drop and some that have me scratching my head like...okay that's interesting, lol! So I'm just sharing some pics with you that I've collected so far!

all photos taken from my fave wedding TUMBLR

My jaw dropped at these dresses.

Really HOT pic!

They MUST be fans of Sex & The City! Tres chic :-)

This reminds me of the Disney princesses! I love it!

THISSSSS is my vision! I LOVE chiffon!

Can YOU tell which one is the bride?? I'm not sure why it looks like they all have on the same dress, lol.

Whew!! I thought my bridal party was large, lol they look beautiful though!

So many different shades but works!
That would be me all the way on the left throwing up gang signs to the camera, loll!

Country girls!

I think I'm gonna try this pose...what do you guys think? Need a few cheesy ones in there!

Tell me what you think about these looks?? DO you think you could go the mismatch dress route? Did your bridesmaids wear matching looks? What are your opinions on it? Talk to me!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Skinny said...

The looks are very creative. I really like the pics of the bridesmaids wearing diff color dresses because the idea is really hard to pull off and they executed it well.

-PJM- said...

nice post Memi!

NaturalNik said...

I like the last one! We should do that

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