Wedding Planning Diary: THE DRESS!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey guys! I'm back!

So it is about that time for me to find my dream dress...this is hands down the MOST nerve-wrecking part about wedding planning (next to the guestlist) especially for a bride who takes pride in her style, like me. I'm the girl who likes to plan out outfits months in advance for special events. I prefer to buy new clothes for events but thanks to wedding planning I've gotten a LOT better at mixing and matching, LOL! I'm try to coordinate the entire outfit from the shoes, earrings, to makeup look. 99.5% of the time I take my appearance very seriously, everyone has those lazy days, lolll. So that brings me to why finding my wedding dress is nerve-wrecking. The crazy thing is...I've actually FOUND my dream wedding dress...numerous times. They are just WAY out of my budget, for instance.

Dream Dress #1 Pnina Tornai $14,000 (ahahhahhaa, not EVER)

Dream Dress #2 Kenneth Pool $7500 (a LITTLE more affordable, but Dapo would probably LOSE it if he found out the cost, lmaoooo!)

Sooo this leaves me with the task of trying to recreate these dresses and find something more affordable and perfect for my style. My 1st attempt in doing this was going to the Running of The Brides on October 14th at Filene's Basement in DC. I got 5 of my "Beautiful Bridesmaids" (that's what I call them, haha!) to gather at 3 AM in the morning...yes get in line outside of the Filene's store and wait till 8AM for the doors to open. When 8AM finally came we all bunched up by the door and when they cut the ropes everyone CHARGES for the racks and grabs as MANY dresses as possible. That was the best part for me!

So we had a HUGE pile of dresses and got rid of dresses that weren't my taste or my size.  I tried on the ones I liked and out of like 20 dresses I tried on, only two were possibles. We held on to really beautiful ones and tried to trade with other people that had dresses that were more style. My friends were pirahnas out there, lmboo! I had to beg them to release some of our "barter dresses" to people that were literally FOLLOWING us around the whole store, LOLL! It was truly hilarious! One of the possible gowns had a gorgeous top half but the bottom half wasnt enough "drama" and the second one fit me like a glove but had NO sparkle, and as you can see from my dream dresses....I need BLING. So we left empty handed but it was a wonderful experience and a LOT of fun! A lot of girls did find their dress and I was happy for them!

Sidenote: Please excuse my was time you see me on the blog I'll look better I promise, hahaha!

And the wait begins....that's Nikki in the MSU hoodie...GO BEARS!!  

One of my MOHs, Ashleigh...the pirahna!
Presh & I (the author on the POST about Igbo marriage)
Nife, the photographer of the day being anti social and hiding from the camera. She did the post on Spring Wedding Guest Fashions 

Hahhaha! My sign that got MAULED during the actual "running" we should've got an after picture, smh

The actual line

People camping out, some people were there from the South and were waiting from 7pm the night before!

LMAO! The shirts I made for favorite things PURPLE and LEOPARD print! hahaa! My friend Nichole went by the name "Megatron" lmaoo! Because she was determined to stomp over anyone that got in her way! Hahaa, simply hilarious!

Us foolin around...the shirt was SUPPOSED to have words on the front but uhmmm...yeah...

This dress was okayyy...but def not the one...

This is kind of why, lmaoo!

The young lady who's Mom followed us around the store for like 25 minutes, for this dreess! Looked great on her and she got it!! Yayy for her ;-)

One of the possibles...looked cute...but it had a chiffon bottom half with a thigh-high split. So this is me holding a dress with a tulle bottom up to it to see how it would look if we got it altered...not worth the wahala (hassle) at the end of the day, lol!

The back of the dress...with me holding up the tulle bottom

The front of the one that fit nice, but NOT enough bling and I really really didnt want a satin or shiny looking dress...but one of the VERY few mermaid sillohuettes we found in the store so were just excited to see a mermaid gown, lol! Our photographer didnt want to stand...excuse the floor view shots, lol!

The back of the mermaid gown (some call it fit and flare or trumpet, slight differences but I call them all mermaid, lol)
Awww...sad faces for not finding the dress!

But happy faces cuz we had an AMAZING time! It was so much fun and I'd go again in a heartbeat!

Here is some video of the pandemonium, lol!

After we left Filene's we drove to Upper Marlboro and visited a bridal boutique that I've been to by myself before. I visited 4 or 5 bridal salons by myself because to me picking your dress is such a personal decision and although you want friends and fam to sign on and agree with you it is important to narrow down the choices to things YOU like. So I had 4 or 5 gowns in mind at this particular shop, took my friends there and I saved the one I loved the most to be the last one I tried on and they all LOVEDDDD it. Soooooo I think I did end up finding my dress. I havent fully committed yet but I seriously dont see anything topping that dress. When I put it on I was overcome with emotions and I could NOT stop smiling and twirling. I didnt boo-hoo like the girls on TV but I DEFINITELY felt that connection and gut reaction to the dress, so I'm telling you...DONT settle!!! That feeling is REAL! I really really want to show you guys pics but that would break like EVERY single rule in the book, loll! So you'll have to wait but I will DEF let you know when I DO finally commit and choose the dress!

BIGGGGG THANKS to my AMAZING friends that came with me and made the experience super fun and special! We are going to have a GREAT time the next few months!! Let's do it!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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Dapo Dapo said...

Nice! Good stuff Mems. Me and Nichole would have made a perfect combo: Megatron and Optimus Prime.


this is krazy, i don't want to be there lol too krazy for me, but I see why u would have fun with it, cause you were with the girls. I feel that people are going to be very rude which I can't take that. Good luck on planning me not ready until am done with my masters lol

Anonymous said...

This looked like FUN!

Kemi said...

lol...oh I see all dem Morgan Peeps..Go Bears!

Can't believe you guys actually waited out there from 3am!!!...looks like y'all had some great fun though...and i'm sure it made for some good ol' bonding time for the bridesmaids..

Martha N. said...

l0l this looks cute! great experience tho!
lma0 @ megatron for Nicole

Memi said...

Loll @ Dapo! Yeah that would've been HILARIOUS! You guys could have had an epic battle against each other in between the racks too!

@Leticia! Quite the contrary actually, everybody was EXTREMELY nice! I didnt experience anyyy attitudes at all. Everyone there was just really excited and hopeful to find the dress...maybe it was the adrenaline that had ppl so nice but it was something, loll!

@Kemi Thanks for reading and commenting! Yes it really was fun! I'd do it all over!

@Martha! It was a really good experience! Yeah Nichole is hilarious!

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