Newly Engaged?? The Things you should do FIRST!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Happy New Year again, and I'm sure you guys all enjoyed the holiday season. Most especially, the lucky ladies who are now engaged!! Everyone knows the holiday season brings out romance and love! So a HUGE Congratulations to all of our beautiful readers who are now on the path to wedded bliss! 

I just thought I would take this opportunity to talk to you about the first steps that a newly engaged couple should take. I know that planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming since there are so many things involved. It's hard to know where to start. So here are some things I think you should do first.

1. HIRE A PLANNER!!!  Yes I know you've heard this over and over but honestly having a wedding planner is one of the best things you can do before you get too deep into planning. A planner will help you pick vendors that they know and trust, will take control of your budget and help you manage it, will listen to your visions and help make them a reality. If the first thing you've done is hire a planner then you are good to go! I'm not saying a planner will eliminate ALL stress (although they can) but they will most definitely assist in avoiding and/or alleviating the wedding planning blues.

2. START SOLIDIFYING YOUR VISION- Whether you're a bride who's been planning her wedding day for years or a bride who has never thought about it before getting engaged, it is SO important to start gathering and streamlining your ideas. Once you get engaged the fairytale is over, it is NOW reality and you have to sit down with your fiancee' and discuss what you want your wedding day to be like. Think about weddings you have been to, what did you like? What did you dislike? Visit wedding blogs LIKE OURS and get on Pinterest, follow wedding pages on Instagram and Facebook. Start collecting inspirational pictures and try to select your theme.  Look out for colors, flowers, centerpieces, dresses, details, and things of that nature that catch your eye. Every bride on the planet has ONE thing in common: they want their wedding day to be beautiful and represent her and her fiancee'. So it's important to be able to translate this to all of your vendors once you begin the vendor selection process. Vendors always appreciate well-prepared brides who have a good idea of what they want and are able to convey that. Help them help you :-)

3. SET A REALISTIC BUDGET & KEEP SAVING- It's a well known fact that weddings cost alot of money. It's important that your budget is aligned with your vision. Do your research on how much things cost and build in some cushion just in case. 

4. START MARRIAGE COUNSELING- In my opinion this is one of THE most important things an engaged couple can do. I know many churches will require this before you can get married in their church but even if it's not required you should still seek it out. I would suggest Christian marriage counseling because it's important to learn how God intends for marriage to be. With all of the negative, messed up messages about marriage out there today it's good to know the RIGHT way to do things. Marriage counseling also helps you learn new things about your partner and gives you tools to make your marriage a successful one. If any of you are looking for an excellent marriage counseling program please contact me at bcgblogger@gmail. com and I can give you the information for one.

5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY- Everyone expects their wedding to be the day where they look absolutely PERFECT. So many men and women set goals to, clear up skin, grow hair longer, lose weight, get Lasik eye surgery, etc. I would suggest that you set your goals and begin working on them immediately. There is nothing worse than waiting till a month before your wedding and taking drastic measures to reach whatever your goals are. Also, try as much as possible to stay stress-free because stress typically has poor effects on your body. So stay hydrated, don't skip meals, stay away from crappy food, and get lots of sleep. Although your appearance on your wedding day is very important, how you feel is even more important. SO take care of yourself. 

What do you think of this list? Is there anything you would add? 

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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