Wedding Registry? What to do?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to talk about something that most people think may be a rather simple part of wedding planning, but can turn out to be yet another daunting task in the wedding planning process. That would be wedding registries. It's important to follow etiquette rules when putting together a registry. You want to register for gifts you will actually use, but be careful to not turn your guests off completely. Some people think registries are tacky but the way I look at it is, if people are going to bring gifts ANYWAY why not make sure it's stuff you will actually utilize??

*Set your registry up early! Don't procrastinate on this because people will want to send gifts as soon as your engagement news gets out.
* Register for a wide range of gifts at different price points. Not everyone can afford to get you a $500 vacuum cleaner or $300 bedsheets. There's nothing wrong with including these things on your registry but be sure to have an even balance.
*Feel free to ask for "non-traditional" registry items if that's what represents you and your fiancee. For instance, if you are avid wine lovers, a wine registry is a possibility. 
*Honeymoon registries have increased in popularity over the years and it's a way for your guests to donate cash towards honeymoon activities.
* Send out thank you cards as soon as possible! It's just common courtesy :-)

*Register at just one place, two or three are ideal and make sure that at least one of the places has a brick and mortar store that is easily accessible. Not everyone likes online shopping.
*Ask for cash directly. Most newly married couples would PREFER cash but it should be your guests choice.  It's not polite to demand that.
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