Beauty Sightings: BEAUTIFULLLL Wedding Hair!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Lovelies!! 

One of the most important things that a bride is concerned about when it comes to her wedding "look" is of course her hair! So we here at BCG have come across some AMAZING hairstyles that would be the perfect crown to that beautiful dress you will wear on one of the most important days of your life. There is something for every taste and style from the natural haired bride who still wants to look glamorous and high-fashion, to the bride who wants a simple sleek bun or something more intricate and detailed. I hope you like!! Let us know what you think!

Natural Wedding Styles That We LOVEEE


Fancy Updo's that we LOVEEE
Short vs. Long Hair That we Loveee

How do you want YOUR wedding hair to look?? Up, down, natural, weave?? What was your favorite style that we posted? Talk to me!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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MoaCreations said...

Natural Hair Styles. Those are tight thanks for the post a lot of sisters are going all natural these days, and are always at a delima when it comes to stylish hair dos

Anonymous said...

Luv...luv...LUV the natural hairstyles!!! Yes!!!

Bex said...

Yes girl! We appreciate you incorporating the natural dos. I'm still newly natural, but hopefully when my day comes, I'll have length enough to use one of these gorgeous examples.

Anonymous said...

I like the natural hairstyles but a majority of them have a certain texture that is not applicable to all people with natural hair.

AJ said...

Thx ladies!!! We r also loving the natural hair do's as they seem to be the ones that get overlooked. It's alway easier to just get a weave right?

@ Anonymous 2; there are hair stylists out there that can make your natural hair look any texture you want it. I have even seen a natural hairstylist that can give you dreads; it's like a dread weave, so don't give up HOPE.

I am an updo person myself and I love pic 9 because I also have natural hair. Tell us which hairstyles you like best or what you plan to do for your upcoming wedding?

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