Celebration of Love!!! Part 3 : Nnamdi and Tomi

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today we are featuring a GORGEOUS couple who represent what it really means to NEVER give up hope. ! This couple withstood the test of time and are now happily married and excited about embarking upon life's journey TOGETHER!  

Feb is a special month for us as we celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day and 9 amazing years in all....beeen a long time coming...

My name: Tomi, 29, Medical Doctor @ Grady Memorial Hosp

His name: Nnamdi, 31, Senior Marketing Manager @ ARIBA

We reside in Dunwoody, GA (Atlanta)...we met in college at the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2000 and we started our courtship in 2002. We got engaged and married in 2009 (no point wasting time by this time lol). On Feb 14, 2011, we celebrate our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary :)

Being married today was only by God's grace. We were faced with so many hurdles and oppositions for various reasons.... but what kept us grounded was our faith and deep rooted convictions.

The MOST important thing that keeps us going is PRAYERS! Without God I do not know where we would be! Also, having GREAT EXAMPLES in our parents who stayed married despite the fact that life is full of ups and downs is definitely something that keeps us motivated. Before anything else, we are FRIENDS.... there is a whole lot of laughter and goofing off in our marriage! That helps us to STAY YOUNG, why not!!!

We love EXERCISING together! It keeps us young, energized and feeling good about our bodies! Which equates to BOOM! FIREWORKS!

We have RESPECT for each other and for each other's family values

We also allow each other to maintain our INDIVIDUALITY... we take a break from each other once in a BLUE MOON... go to MIAMI with the girls... go to Vegas with the boys; it keeps things SPICY!


Truthfully, GREAT SEX keeps our marriage going and the willingness to purposefully please each other!


The wedding photos were taken by Victor Herrera! More of their wedding pics can be found HERE.

Below is a video of the events surrounding their gorgeous destination wedding in Mexico! Enjoy!

Nnamdi weds Tomi: Relive the Moments from Nnamdi Nwoke on Vimeo.

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Rose said...

Great post Memi. Black love or in their case African love is beautiful lol. Can't wait to see more of your posts

NaturalNik said...

I like that maintaining individuality point. "Miami with the girls, Vegas with the boys" lol. I think a lot of people get lost in their significant other.

Memi said...

Thanks so much Rose!!

Nikki you are so right about that! It's really easy to get lost in your partner! Everybody needs to be able to recharge every now and then!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story :~)

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