Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every now and again I will be giving other ah!Mazing bloggers the opportunity to feature some of their stories on our blog! Today we have the honor of presenting a post by Lola from Blue New and Borrowed!   I'm so excited about her because she is new at the blogging thing and has hit the ground running! Continue to check her out for her unique style and uber cool perspective on all things BEAUTIFUL!! Today we will be featuring a post she did in a series from her blog called Brides Around The World! 

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!
So every now and then we're going to be taking trips around the world. I think it'll be great to see how brides incorporate the western style into their weddings while still staying true to their roots. Some cultures are so rich and vibrant that you cant help but fall in love with their wedding ceremonies.
Today I want to stay a little close to home; Nigeria, Benin city to be exact. Im not an Edo girl but there's just something about the "bendelites" that are just so so so beautiful. I have an infatuation with their culture. Benin City is the capital of Edo state in southern Nigeria.  Benin is known for its arts and crafts.

 Edo brides are usually adorned in inticately woven coral beads, they even go as far as having the coral beads sewn into their hair to create these crown like gears. I can just imagine how long this process takes but the end result is so worth it.

   The big coral necklaces are typically reserved for big and important occasions such as weddings. They add to the glamor of a traditional bride. 

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           My favorite accessory  is the poncho-like coral beads some brides wear. It gives this regal look to the outfit as a whole.


Another beautiful part of these attires are the wrappers. The fabrics are usually very rich and sometimes adorned with gold accents that makes these brides look like queens. Who wouldnt want to look like a queen on her wedding day!?!?! A true definition of an African Queen.

Duduguy (


Check out the groom....don't they look like royalty....I used to daydream about marrying an Edo guy so we can look like this on our wedding day!!! (I'm such a dork LOL)      


I love the fact that her bridesmaids are also beautifully dressed in the traditional attires.        

I think my next brides are going to be Indian brides.....another culture I just absolutely adore....


There you have it!! I hope you enjoyed her post as much as I did! Leave comments and let her know what you think! If you blog about beautiful weddings, wedding tips, wedding decor, etc. Email me at if you would like to be featured!

The blogger had a hard time remembering where she found these pictures which is why there are no photo credits, if you recognize any of these photos as your work or anyone else's, please let us know and we will SURELY credit your work!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Anonymous said...

Memi this is lovely. I am assuming these are Nigerian brides. I've always found that the culture is so rich, you guys have beautiful outfits and it always seems the ladies have beautiful head gear. I've not seen this before and I am just amazed at the beadwork, looks like it would take a lot of time. Anyhow thank you for this post and showcasing the ever so beautiful African culture.

Memi said...

No problem Anon! Thanks sooo much for reading and commenting we really appreciate it! Continue to check back because we will feature more of this in the near future!

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