Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heyyyy guysss! You know that saying April Showers bring May Flowers??? Wellll its almost May and I'm bringing you some BEAUTIFUL and INTERESTING bouquets I've stumbled across! Who says you have to use plain old roses?? I've seen paper bouquets, brooch pin bouquets, and even apple bouquets!! Tell me what you think about some of the ones I've posted!


What do you think of the news print bouquet??

Seashell Bouquet!! Perfect for a destination wedding!

I LOVEE this! Haha!

Jewelry bouquet

MY personal FAVE!

All the pictures above were taken from this WEBSITE.

OH wow! I could KEEP going but let me stop before I overload you guys with florals! LOLL!! Tell me what you think though!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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2 comments: said...

Beautiful bouquets especially like the unusual materials used in some of them.

Sparkle Arts said...

Wow! Some of them are very creative.

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