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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hiiiii guyssssssssss!! So the other day when I asked my wonderful readers, what they wanted to see more of, someone mentioned they wanted to see more engagement/proposal stories. It just so happened I got engaged not to long ago! So I have the honor of our proposal story being the first one we feature!!

Memi Says: Okay guys this is pretty much how it went down! During the week Dapo told me that one of his friends who photographs for the newspaper at Morgan State University (our alma mater) wanted to do an article on couples who met in college and are still together and doing well. He mentioned some names of our other friends who would also be featured so I was EXCITED! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a camera whore so I was already planning what he AND I would wear for our newspaper photoshoot. So on Sunday he came to my parents house, waited for me to get dressed and do my makeup then we were on our way! So we got to Morgan's campus and met up with the photographer. I kept on teasing him about how this is good practice for our future e-sessions...little did I know what was going to happen in just a short while.

After we took pictures everywhere from the classroom where we met, to some of our old hang out spots, there was only one spot left to take pics:  the infamous "Morgan Bridge" hahaha! As we were walking over to the bridge I saw some people standing around the corner and I told Dapo "Oh look another photoshoot must be going on" CLUELESSS! LOL! As soon as I came around the corner, my heart skipped a beat and my mouth dropped when I was greeted with a SEA of familiar faces! I saw my Dad, my brothers, my cousin, and my CLOSEST friends. Almost 40 people greeted me with cameras, video recorders, and flowers. I was SHOCKED, SURPRISED, and TAKEN ABACK.  A  flood of emotions took over me! As soon as I saw everybody I already knew what was about to transpire and I immediately started crying and shaking while proceeding to yell at my cousin for JUST talking to me about engagements the DAY before, hahaha! I was sooo surprised that EVERYbody knew but me, as nosy and investigative as I am. (I am STILL trying to figure out how that WHOLE thing fell under my radar!) Dapo took my hand, in an attempt to bring me back to reality. Despite everyone that was standing there he still made me feel like we were the only ones out there. He said some sweet things to make me cry EVEN more and got on his knee and asked THE QUESTION! Needless to say I was so filled with joy and love at that moment. I love that Dapo included our family and friends because he knows how important and special they are to me and I am so happy we were able to share such a beautiful and special moment with those who we love the most!

Here are some of the pics from our FAKE newspaper column shoot, lmaoo! 

The actual classroom where I first laid eyes on my future hubby back in 2005, loll!!

Little did I know he saw our friends on the main bridge, hence the awkward face

Okay now here are the pics of the proposal itself!

OH BUT WAIT! Before you see those pictures here is Dapo's version of how it all happened!

Dapo Says: So I was trying to pop the question for quite some time, but every time I wanted to do it, we were always busy. I had something to do, she had something to do, or WE BOTH had something to do. I didn’t want to do it during any of our friends’ events. I wanted this one, unforgettable moment to be on a day where we could share it with our friends and family, with no one having to cancel or rearrange their own plans. I really wanted both of our families and close friends to be there to witness it and I was almost certain that she would love it. I wanted to make sure that I got to see her beautiful smile on level 1000. 

I began calling my family, her family, and our close friends to inform them of the “Big Shabang” (that was my secret code phrase that I told everyone). I wanted to make sure I CALLED everyone and not text, FB message, or SEND anything that could be traced, to ensure that my dear “Detective Memi” didn’t stumble upon any clues. I even told some of our friends to avoid any kind of communication with Memi to avoid “spilling the beans.” So I wanted to come up with something that would get her on campus without her getting suspicious. So I came up with the idea of telling her that a good friend of mine that “works for the Spokesman (Morgan’s Newspaper)” wanted to feature us in the next issue. I told her that they were having an article about Morgan couples that met during school and are still together now. She ATE IT UP! She believed me 100%. She really thought we were doing a photo shoot for the Spokesman.

I came to her parent’s house on Sunday to pick her up. While she was getting dressed, I was secretly telling one of her younger brothers what time they should leave, to make sure they get there on time to witness the proposal. We got to Morgan and began taking pictures around various landmarks on the main campus, including Holmes hall, the Earl G. Graves school of Business, and Carnegie Hall (the first place I laid eyes on her.)

So we finally made our way to the last destination: the Morgan State Bridge. As we were getting closer, she started to ask “why are all these people here.” Knowing exactly what she was talking about, I acted like I didn’t hear what she said, trying to divert her attention to something else. As we drew closer and closer, her jaw dropped lower and lower. Standing there were over 40 of our friends and family awaiting with cameras, flowers, and smiles. I held her by the hand and looked her square in the eye. Although, they were filled with tears of joy, I kind of stared at her for a little bit because I realized  that I was about to ask this beautiful woman to be my wife. I expressed to her that I knew she was the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. Having our friends and family there definitely made it so much more exciting. Operation "Big Shabang" was complete. :-)

This pic perfectly describes what was going through my mind the ENTIRE time
The moment when I realized what was going on and my heart began to beat out of my chest
Dapo pulling me trying to keep me focused, lmaoo

I LOVE this picture :-)
This pic is hilarious b/c Dapo literally TOSSED my costume ring that I wore on my ring finger, hahaa! Look @ his face

Had to examine the rock, real quick hahahha!

I LOVEEEE this picture!! My friends were SOO excited! They really made the experience 10x more special
My soon to be Mommy in Law!
Dapo and HIS future Mommy in Law!
Daps and his big sis!
Mommy and Daughter
Dapo, Me, and my BFF Ashleigh

Dapo and his Mommy!
OMGGG we're engaged! AHH! Lmaoooo!
Daddy's Girl!
My Auntie Funmi and Uncle Kunle! Love them and Tobi not facing the camera!
My Gorgeous Cuzzo Yemisi and I! She's the one I'm yellin at in the video, hahah!

Ahahah! Corny right?? Dapo's friend edited this one, lmaoo!

Here is the video that my good friend Nikki recorded and edited...dont judge me plz I was in a state of shock! Hahahaha! Also please excuse our CRAZY friends, hahahaaa!

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Skinny Hipster... said...


Anonymous said...

Awwww, your proposal story was simply AMAZING and that was very thoughtful of ur boo...I especially love how he incorporated fam/friends and was still able to pull off the surprise...You guys make such a GORGEOUS couple indeed, CONGRATS on ur engagement and God bless ur upcoming union :)

P.S. Thx for honoring my request ;)

Bex said...



All I want is them shoes lol

Charlene "Chacha" Awele Monu said...

Oh em gee!!! I cried throughout this!! too beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I love y'all man, this is my first time visiting your blog and you know i don't like to read crap like this. But you did a great job and you deserve my presence on here. Again congratulation and i'm sure y'all will be telling this story to yalls grand kid....toooo doooo luuuuu muther suckeeeeerrrrr

Lady May said...

FINALLY! MY fav BLOG OF ALL...i love it! God will bless yall to the fullest! I love u two! Now lets talk kiddies =) lls

Mikki A. said...

I started crying again when I read this...
This is so beautiful..make sure you feature the pics on the Wedding Website!


Many Blessings to your union!

Role models!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beau-ti-FUL!!! omg..I cried throughout is a GREAT thing...marriage makes it better. Wish you both the evry best :-)

Memi said...

Thank YOU guys!!! We appreciate the love and may God answer all your prayers! And I pray he blesses you all with your heart's desires!!

Titilope said...

Memmiiii I looovve it!!!!!! You guys are tooo lovely & im glad your relationship blossomed into a wonderful engagement...
Dapo has set the bar for these men oh!!!
I love the crazy dance u did after he put the ring on your finger.

Your side/his side of the story was well written.

May God continue to bless your union

Titi F

Dolapo N. said...

Nicely done! This is my first time of reading your blog and I can tell you that I am impressed! Keep it up!

MsKennie said...

Loved this!!! And kudos to the Photographer (classroom shot is my fave)
Go 'head Memi!
Congrats again!

Fola said...

MEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations girl. I mean this was a very thoughtful proposal. Your boo gets extra points for that + HE Foine! This was worth waiting for. Brothers out there and YOU (YOU, knows himself) please get an exercise book and take NOTES. YOU better bring your A game, LOL!!! Thank you for sharing. Now let the planning begin!!! Hey are you going to do like a blog diary thing of your wedding planning? I think you should, that's just me. I want to live vicariously through you, PLEASE.

Memi said...

Thanks Titi, Kennie, and Dolapo!! I appreciate the love!! Fola my dear you are sooo funny!! Thanks so much for ur kind words and I do plan on doing a blog diary when planning goes underway!

TeeEhm said...

I read this over and over again....that was very thoughtful of your guy! God will make it a beautiful Journey you will never regret. Amen!

fadeke said...

Aww Memi just saw this for the first time today...hahaha..(see me oh..serious late bird)....but I was grinning the whole time. Congratulations girl!!!!! I'm super happy for you..:)
btw u got me hooked on this blog...anywhere there are weddings and smily faces..hehehe


awwwww, Shucks Memi!!!
I'm just now seeing this
You've got me tearing up over a darn blog post
GOSHHH!!! *grabs tissues*
You've heard it time and time again...but a sincere Congratulations to you two! Dapo is the clever one..the set-up. the fake (but real) photoshoot. The family and friends. Everything twas Epic! A great story to tell. Just hoping my own (whoever he is!) is just a clever & creative with his.


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAWWWWWWWW....with my late comment and all...I was watching the video and almost got teary eyed...I love you guys mehn. Even Rotimi was there..hearing everything from inside my belly :)


Memi said...

Lolll!! Thanks Rems! We love you too!! And my boo Rotimi!!

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