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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I have the pleasure of sharing an interview I had with Bisi of Crystal Eyez Makeup Artistry. She is a young, talented business owner who is very passionate about her craft and I KNOW you guys will enjoy this interview! 


Memi:  Tell me about yourself and what made you want to start Crystal Eyez?

Bisi: Well my name is Bisi E and I think its safe to call myself a creative person. I've always loved sketching, painting, designing, etc and these are some of the things that led me to study architecture in college. I love architecture and got my bachelors and masters in architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Makeup on the other hand had just been all about fun for me. Now I think back at all the makeovers I gave my college roommates and friends in the name of fun, yet at that time I never thought of a career in makeup. It wasn't until I started getting a lot of pressure from friends and family who recognized my unique talent and encouraged me to pursue a professional career in makeup artistry. Once I decided to consider this, I took it seriously and enrolled in makeup school for formal training, after which I started my makeup company, Crystal-Eyez.

Memi: What services does your company provide?
Bisi: Crystal-Eyez provides a variety of services including makeup for weddings and all special events, fashion shows, photo shoots and all other media. We also provide one-on-one private makeup lessons, group lessons, as well as full-day workshops where we train makeup artists. We also do makeup parties for events such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, girls' night in or out, etc. In addition, we host an annual larger scale makeup party where we try to have a different theme each year. And finally, we provide personal makeup shopping services. Our service list keeps growing as we try to meet all our client's needs and requests.

Memi: What do you LOVE the most about doing makeup and the beauty industry? What do you love the most about doing brides?

Bisi: Doing makeup in itself is a lot of fun. I get to meet and work with different people with different features all the time. I love enhancing the outer beauty that a client never saw in herself before and particularly love the boost of confidence that their makeover brings out in them. Brides are always a pleasure to work with...from the ones who have no idea what they want, to the very detailed ones. Every bride is different and so every experience is different. It never gets boring.

Memi: Could you explain the importance of having a professional makeup artist for your wedding day?
Bisi: Oh thanks for asking this question. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional makeup artist for your wedding!!! This is probably the most important day of your life. A lot is invested into this day physically, emotionally and financially. It only makes sense that you hire professionals who will make you look beautiful for such an important occasion. Looking beautiful applies to various aspects from health, personality, wardrobe, etc to hair, nails and of course makeup. A professional makeup artist will help to hide flaws and enhance beautiful facial features to make you look the best you have ever looked before. Even for brides who don't like to be glammed up, your makeup artist can make you flawless and yet still have you looking as natural as possible. You don't want to take the risk of doing your own makeup as you don't know what last minute issues may come up and put you in a mood that will hinder you from doing a good job with applying your own makeup. You also don't want to rely on a friend who is an amateur that will give you a makeover that will not hold up longer than an hr. Hire a professional who will give you the perfect makeover that will leave you looking fabulous for the entire day...through all the tears, sweat and everything else. Besides its an opportunity to get pampered so take advantage! Don't forget the photos will last for generations.

Memi: What was one of your best and worst experiences doing wedding makeup?
Bisi: Ha ha lets just stick with my worst experience, I think you'll find that more entertaining. I had a bride who only contacted me two days before her wedding. That should have been my first warning sign. Luckily for her, I was available on her wedding day. However this bride spent the next 15 minutes of the phone call trying to negotiate and convince me to lower my rates. Phew! Of course her attempts were to no avail. On her wedding day, the room where she was to get her makeup done was not ideal in anyway. It was dark and there wasn't any table to set up on. Like this wasn't frustrating enough, the room was crowded with so many people...from kids running around and wanting to try out my products, to people who wanted me to take a quick break from servicing the bride to give them a "quick 1-minute" makeover. Like really? And then those who "didn't want to disturb" me but just wanted to borrow my eye liner, blush and lip stick so that they could do their makeup, their grandma's makeup, and everyone else's...again, without disturbing. And of course the ones who didn't even take permission before browsing through my kit to help themselves to my products. I was constantly being interrupted, having to explain why they couldn't use my products for hygienic reasons as I have certain tools and techniques that I use with my products. That was the longest one-hr...a very frustrating experience indeed.

Memi: What motivates you to get up every day and do makeup?
Bisi: Great, I can answer this one in one word - Passion!

Memi: What is your favorite makeup look??

Bisi: Hmmm this is a very tough question to answer as many factors come to play when picking a favorite look. First of all, fashion and trends are forever evolving so its hard to pick one favorite look. It also depends on the event and on the features of the client sitting in my chair. For brides, I can say that my favorite look at the moment will probably be something with subtle eyes and bold lips...again, this will depend on the client's features.

Memi: Where do you see Crystal Eyez in the next 5 years? 10 years?
Bisi: In the next couple of years, I see Crystal-Eyez as an even more established company than it is now. We currently have a team of 3 talented makeup artists and I see this number growing with an even larger clientele in the next few years. I see Crystal-Eyez at its beautiful studio that will also serve as a location for our classes, workshops, makeup parties, store front, etc. I have a lot of great dreams for Crystal-Eyez and I'm excited as God unfolds them at the right time.

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