How To Thursdays: Being a FAB Spring Wedding Guest

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Guys!!!! I knowwww it's Monday but I promised you all a How-TO guest blogger post but the site was down last week so I wasn't able to post. BUTTT today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Nifesimi a.k.a Skinny Hipster. Nife is a young budding stylist who has a real eye for upcoming trends and just has the ability to make ANY combination of clothes look GOOD! Check out her site here at!!! Make sure you leave comments and let her know what you think!!

Hello BCG Readers,

I am glad to have the opportunity to share some fashion tips with you! I love weddings and I am so excited about being able to mesh my passion with weddings! So I hope you enjoy some pictures I've taken from different weddings I've gone to and some of the looks that caught my eye!

Color blocking/ Neon colored dresses are very appropriate for spring/early summer
weddings. What I love the most about this dress is not a lot of accessories are
needed, the dress is a statement on its own. I wore nude pumps with this outfit
because Nude is the new black- it goes with EVERYTHING!!!

I adore this beautiful, long gown on Abi and most importantly, I love how she
added her own flair to it. The shoulders are very edgy and you do not need to
wear lots of jewelry to make this outfit pop. The vibrant colors SCREAM spring
wedding!!! A simple hairstyle goes well with this look and Abi’s’ bun allows all
the attention to be on the dress.

Alaba’s suit is very fitted, despite his build. So fellas, there is no excuse to wear
oversized suits anymore!!! It is not a must for males to wear traditional, you could
always do a tie from ankara fabric with a matching pocket square. Shoutout to his stunning wife as well!

This sweetheart neckline with the one shoulder really works for Debora. Again, You
wouldn’t want to do TOO much with your hair because of the intricate details
of the skirt. You can do a hairstyle like Deborah’s, a center part bob or
straight hair. Minimal jewelry is advised and I really like her fresh make-up.

I like how Olumide did not do a regular black suit. I really love navy blue and
grey suits on men. The contrast of the navy blue tie and purple shirt is nice and
unexpected- it gives it a fresh, stylish look.

Floral is really in right now and it’s perfect for a spring or summer wedding. A fuller dress like this is really appropriate for someone between ages 18-35. It’s
very young, playful and fresh. A blazer or a cardigan or shawl can be worn with a
sweetheart dress like this.

When people think of weddings they think of dresses. I wore pants because I
wanted to revamp my wedding look and I’m all for taking fashion risks. Wearing
pants to weddings is ok because it’s ok to switch it up sometimes. My bowtie is made
out of aso oke fabric with a little bit of ankara print (I’m obsessed with aso oke
frabrics and bow ties :-). When choosing a style for a wedding always make sure
you wear something that you’re very comfortable in and ALWAYS add your
personal flavor to it.

Not wearing to a wedding in not in my stylebook. This
gown is very appropriate for an evening wedding. I’m in love with the draping
of this dress- it’s amazing. It is very elegant and although it’s a little simple, it
speaks volume. With this look, a necklace is a “NO, NO,” the black belt with
the green butterfly detail is enough. With this look, stick to simple bracelets and
rings; stud earrings is highly recommended. I wore gold accessories, my mother’s
vintage gold purse and nude pumps.

What do you think about the fashion tips and ideas?? Did you get any inspiration from the pictures? Thanks again Skinny Hipster for dropping off some fashion advice with our wonderful readers!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves, 
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Charlene "Chacha" Awele Monu said...

Amazing!! What a beautiful collection!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice review Nife! Alaba's bow tie is not ankara though, its actually paisley. I'm jealous o. No shot out to me for my two weeks post baby look? :) j/k. Keep up the good work. By the way, I absolutely love the dress and shoes you have on in the first pic, soft but sassy!! My kind of style!

-Mrs. O

Chic Therapy said...

oooh!lots of color.Love them all

Fotos by Fola said...

Nice..i see my homeboi alaba styling. Great post.

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