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Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Everyone!!
Soooo I'm not sure exactly how  many male readers I have but I know my male friends read AND my fiancee' reads so I figured I should try a little something for any male readers that DO happen to stumble across the blog from time to time, LOL! So I'm going to start a series called The Grooms Corner. If it turns out to be popular I'll do it on a more frequent basis!

Today in The Groom's Corner, I want to discuss some wedding day Fashion Do's and Dont's! We hear it all the time that a wedding is all about the bride, nobody is checking for the groom, he is a background singer while the bride is the lead singer, BLAH BLAH BLAH! I dont agree with those statements because when I look back at my wedding pictures I want my groom to look as smashing as I do! There is absolutely no point in the bride looking drop dead gorgeous and the groom looking just...plain. LOL! Even though the groom is just a suit, shoes, and a tie. There is SOO much u can do with accessorizing and selections that will turn a drab groom into a red carpet worthy groom!

P.S. These are STRICTLY my opinions, I am not judging or knocking anyone!! It's your wedding day, this is just my OPINION of what will make you look your best!

Fashion DON'T #1: Try to stay away from RENTING a tuxedo.

 I always suggest that grooms go out and buy a really nice suit that they can get tailored to fit them correctly. There is a HUGEEE difference between a suit that has been tailored to fit you and a suit that is not. I promise...everyone can tell, lol! PLUS people tend to rent because they assume it is cheaper but the price of renting a tux now a days can be anywhere from $100 to $150. A really nice tailored suit can run you anywhere between the $300-$600 price range. That will really depend on where you are getting it from, fabric of the suit, how much tailoring will be done, etc. The good thing about the suit you buy is that you can wear it over and over and over again with different shirts and ties to make it look new and before you know it, the suit would've paid itself off vs. renting a tux and taking it back the day after the wedding!

Which would you prefer??

Now this guy right here EPITOMIZES how to wear a suit correctly! See the movie Takers for more examples!!

Fashion DON'T #2: White Tuxes = Wedding Day No! No!

Please, please, please stop with the white tuxes. If you are already married and you wore a white tux, it's okay! I'm not trying to offend you, but white suits are just a peeve of mine. Loll!! I don't know what it is, but I feel like it takes away from the beauty of the photographs in my opinion. Like there is no contrast between the brides dress and the grooms tux AND it just brings back memories of junior and senior prom. Let's just please leave the white to the bride!! Colors I think work really well for grooms are of course classic black, diff shades of gray, and navy blues.

See how there is no contrast? (
See the difference??? (

I cant emphasize enough the importance of menswear accesories! When it comes to your wedding day attire, guys, make sure to pay attention to EVERY detail! This includes your tie, your watch, your cufflinks, and even your socks! Here are just my ideas on how to look your BEST next to your beautiful bride!!

Shoes: For women AND men, shoes are the crowning glory of ANY outfit it can take your outfit from amazing to blah in one quick glance. It is important to make sure your shoes are properly shined, no scuffs, or white marks! Try to stay away from bulky, chunky soled dress shoes, especially if your suit has been tailored for a slimmer fit. The slimmer the suit the slimmer the shoe should LOOK. I personally prefer a pointier, lace up dress shoe.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Cezanne, Kenneth Cole-Bill Board , Kenneth Cole-Hop On Board (l-r)

Ties/Bowties: Whether or not a  groom chooses to wear a straight tie or a bowtie is strictly personal preference. Some guys are bowtie guys, some guys are straight tie guys! It's up to you!! As for the color and design of your tie, this is one of the few places where a groom can allow his personality to shine through his outfit! Traditionally, the groom's tie should blend with whatever color schemes the couple has chosen. BUT it is not completely neccesarry in my opinion (As long as the groom is not trying to wear a neon green tie when the color scheme is sky blue and pink, loll). There are also numerous patterns that a groom can play with as far as stripes, brocade, and many others! 

Possibilities are LIMITless!!! (all photos from
 To all the Grooms-to-Be out there, have you thought about your wedding day attire? What look will you go for? To all the married brothers reading today, how involved were you in picking out your outfit? Did you let your wife pick it out for you or were you very hands on? If you could go back in time would you do ANYTHING different about your wedding day outfit?? TALK TO ME!!! I WANT to hear from all of you!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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