Wendy & Eddie! FABULOUSSS Engagment Shoot!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Loveliessss! So todayyy I am sooo excited because I am bringing you guys hands DOWN the cutest engagement shoot I think I've ever seen! ANDD I'm so excited because they are a future BCG couple!! I love how Wendy and Eddie made their shoot sexy, flirty, and fun, to me, it looked like something out of a magazine. They were also kind enough to share with us some of the thoughts and ideas that went behind their themed engagement session! Let us know what you think!!

"When Eddie and I decided we were going to take engagement photos, we knew that above all we wanted our pictures to tell a story.  The hard part was deciding what story we wanted to tell.  It took some thinking, but when we finally decided on a theme, everything flowed from there.  For a majority of our relationship we have been in different states and have also had the privilege of traveling to different countries.  From this foundation, our photoshoot theme came to life: “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”.  No distance was too far and no journey was too rough.  We just knew that no matter what it took, we wanted to be together and that’s exactly what we did!

Our photographer, Kirth Bobb, helped us bring this vision to life.  Over the course of six months we used three cities as backdrops for our engagement sessions.   We wanted to capture various elements of our personalities in each shoot.  From eveningwear during a night out in the park, to casual wear walking our puppies during the day.  Each picture truly captured an element of our personality.  Eddie’s favorite shoot was taken at the train tracks in Baltimore, while my favorite shoot was taken on a private jet.  While we each have our favorites, the finished package was more than we could ever imagine!

One of my FAVORITE shots!! Reppin for the N.B.A's!! (Nigerians Born in America, haha!)

Before a couple begins their engagement shoot, we would advise them to pick a theme and run with it. I am a firm believer that no concept is too grand to bring to life. As long as you pair your wildest imaginations with a great photographer, the marriage of the two elements will yield optimum results! In our case, the end result was great engagement pictures and a lot of posing practice for our wedding day.  In the end, the camera captures the essence of a couple’s true love for one another and it permeates through the pictures. So just have fun and smile, and the camera will do the rest of the storytelling.

Most importantly, a wedding only lasts for a day, but a marriage lasts for eternity! As long as couples remember this and keep God first, they will continue to receive God’s ABUNDANT BLESSINGS and everything else will surely fall into perfect place." J 

There you have it!!!! Like how do you NOT just LOVE these guys! And it doesnt hurt that they are like gorgeous together! **GUSHING** Yes, please let me know what you guys think!! How do you feel about themed engagement shoots?? If you want to see MORE of their pictures and read about their love story check out their wedding website here at http://www.eddieloveswendy.com/ ! Also, for more information on their amazing photographer who made it all possible his site is http://www.kbobbphotography.com/! LEAVE COMMENTS!! TALK TO ME!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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