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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesss it is vendor time again! Today I am bringing you the lovely Yuwa Sorrela of Sorrela Jewelry and Accessories. It was truly a pleasure working with her on this post because she was so responsive and a genuinely kind soul! I have been seeing her pieces on African fashion show runways for the past couple of years now but never knew who was the master mind behind all of it, until recently! I personally am a fan of her styling and i know you guys will love it! The pieces she finds and puts together are INCREDIBLY affordable and very chic! Be sure to check her out! Enjoy readers!

Memi: How did you get into the accessory business and what keeps you in it, what do you love about it? 
Yuwa: Sorrela is Italian for Sisters. And me starting my company actually started as a joke. Whenever my friends and I would hang out, they would always ask me to sell them my jewelry on the spot. I thought it was quite ridiculous. So I said to myself that I would buy two of every piece of jewelry I had in the case that if someone wants it I can sell it to them but still be safe and have another pair handy at home. That was three years ago and Sorrela is still going strong.
 What I love about the business is that Sorrela is for the fashion forward woman who seeks to express her individuality through simple, sophisticated pieces, while celebrating her bond with her natural born sisters and those amazing friends who have inevitably become sisters.

Memi:What inspires you?
Yuwa: The art of fashion. Fashion is a way of creating and mixing pieces that work together. Fashion is an expression of everything that makes us human.

Memi: So let's say I have the perfect LBD (little black dress) and I'm headed to a wedding as a guest, what are 3 accessories you would add to transform your dress from plain to HOTT? 
Yuwa: It depends on what kind of LBD it is. Is it strapless? If it is then I would definitely add a nice big and bold necklace that will accentuate the neck. Hand accessories are a staple in fashion now, so I’d definitely wear a ring or a bracelet. Lastly, a cute clutch will complete the look.
Memi: What is your accessory pet peeve, like what do you hate to see people do, fashion wise? 
Yuwa: Lol, that’s a good question. The truth is I try not to judge because I believe that if a person looks in the mirror before they leave their house then they certainly do not see anything wrong with the way they look. So I usually say, 'it looks good on them “ALONE”' lol.
Memi: What is YOUR personal favorite accessory?
Yuwa: My favorite pair of accessories would be a pair of earrings. I cannot leave the house without a pair of earrings whether studs or hoops. 
Memi: What is the next move for you and Sorrela? Where do you want to see it go?
Yuwa: The next move for Sorrela is to provide, personal accessory consulting services for brides as well as fashion styling.

Memi: What are some accessory trends you've noticed with brides and bridesmaids this summer? Do you foresee any trends for next season?
Yuwa: I don’t think this is a trend, or at least I hope it isn’t becoming one, but recently at Kim K’s wedding, her guests were allowed to wear white. The color white is a sign of purity and should only be worn on the wedding day by the bride. Kate Middleton’s sister and bridesmaid Pippa also wore white at the royal wedding. We saw the same thing at Kim Kardashian's wedding.
As for accessories I am against brides wearing necklaces with their dress. I am not sure I get it yet. A pair of earrings and a bracelet I believe is enough. Except of course the necklace is a statement piece then that’s an exception --which is rare.
Memi: What is some advice you would give a planning bride who is totally confused about what jewelry to wear for her wedding?
I would ask her to paint a picture of how she would like both her and her bridesmaids to look. I also find that a lot of brides aren't exactly sure of what they want. They have the idea but they need an expert to guide them. I would advise her to take it easy and let her know that accessories should be the least of her worries.
Memi: What services do you offer? How can our readers contact you?
Yuwa: I offer bridal services to brides who are looking for accessories for their bridal party. I sell jewelry and other staple accessories such as brooches, necklaces and clutches.
Readers can contact me on my website www.sorrela.com. There’s a contact form that they can fill out to ask me any questions. 
Contact them and let them know you heard about Sorrela HERE!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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