Beautiful Wedding!! Anthonia and Fola -Baltimore, MD

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

How are you all doing??? Today I have a beautifulll wedding for you! Photographed by friend of the blog Tunji Sarumi, the beautiful bride, Anthonia looked absolutely stunning in her fit & flare gown and the groom, Fola along with his groomsmen looked very handsome in slate gray suits! I LOVED the lighting and colors of their reception, done very tastefully! Let me know what you think!! Also, read along for the interview questions that Anthonia and Fola answered for your reading pleasure!

Bride: Anthonia Soyoye
Age: 26
Occupation: Regulatory Analyst
Location: Baltimore, MD

Groom: Fola Soyoye
Age: 30
Occupation: Business Analyst
Location: Baltimore, MD

How did you meet? (Anthonia’s version of the story if you want a bit of humor)

November 2003, remember that month like it was yesterday :). When I met my knight in shining armor *giggles* (Sorry, it’s still all like a high school crush to me, well in this case a college crush). I met Fola in College; at this time I was taking a break from relationships and was definitely not looking for one. Somehow, one day I mustered this boldness from nowhere and told a guy I did not even know that “I know your feet must be cold in those sandals* (it was winter and this African had on sandals ----- Nigerians *SMH*). At this time I was friends with Lola Soyoye and never knew she had a brother in the same school.
Fast forward --------------------------------------- >

One fateful day, Fola offered to walk me to class and I accepted. Dude had the cutest smile ever (but you girls know the rules…. You can’t even act interested). When we got to my class, Fola asked for my number. Later that week he called me up and asked if I wanted to go see a movie, we went to watch “Gothika” and I talked his ear off before /during/after the movie. Now, if you know me, you will know this is unusual as I am a very shy person (I guess that was God’s clue that he is the one). Fola, being the calm patient man that he is listened to me the whole time. Fast forward -------->

Fola and I had been dating quietly for a couple of months as no one really knew. While having a conversation with Lola one day, I told her that there was this guy I was seeing with the cutest smile --- (I can’t seem to get the smile outta my head :) ) and I told her I would introduce them someday. Hehehehehehe…. that’s my evil laugh because little did I know I was going to have a rude awakening. So one day, I get to the school lobby and I’m wondering why Lola is talking to my man *girl fight*(I kid, I kid). So l walk up to them and tell Lola that he is the one I was talking about *wink*, and she goes “ewwwwwww, my brother?” And my mouth drops….. LOL

Anyway, here we are almost 8 years later…..stronger than ever about to start this new journey called marriage. Who would have thought huhhhhnnnn???????

What do you love about your spouse?
Fola is very caring, supportive, God fearing, and oh…. He has the cutest smile on this planet

What was the most stressful part of wedding planning?
The most stressful part was finding the right location that would cater to everyone’s need.

And how did you deal with it?
We prayed about it, took our time and weighed all our options while putting into consideration our budget and the guest list.

What's the best part of wedding planning?

The best part of wedding planning is knowing that your other half is always there, assisting and planning along with you. Since we did not have a wedding planner, we planned our wedding ourselves and enjoyed every moment of it. Although there were times we weren't on the same page, we always came to a consensus. The fun part of it all was the cake tasting – Debbie’s Cake Studio *mhmn mhmn good*

Would you do anything different?

Favorite part of your wedding?
My favorite part of the wedding was the union process, leading up to the moment when the pastor pronounced us as husband and wife.

Any advice for planning brides??
Always, always put God first and pray – everything else will fall into place. Plan ahead and don’t fret over the small stuff, if you do then you will miss the precious moments. If things don’t go according to plan, then know it was not meant to be and push for even greater things. I made sure I had a stress free wedding and enjoyed every minute of our wedding day. Remember that you can never please everyone – fact of life. Make sure to get enough rest the night before so you are refreshed in the a.m.

Ceremony: Jesus House Baltimore – 410-521-4783

Reception: St Joseph hall (Bel Air) – 410-952-7073

Decoration: J Garner Events – 443-629-4777

Photographer: TJ Photography – 443-846-1112

Videographer: 5Star Production – 240-305-3967

Hair Stylist: Evelyn Mann – 301-404-8506

Makeup Artist: Charlene Rich (M.A.C) – 443-790-3175

Lighting: INI Production – 240-481-3964

MC: Seyi Hopewell – 301-213-8694

Live Band: 301-537-0706 / 240-441-1558

Catering rental (excluding food): Soft Touch Rentals – Aunty Dayo – 301-792-3320

Cake: Debi ‘s Cakes – 410-206-3714

Transportation: City Lites – 410-248-3333

Cultural Wear: TnT Fashions - (646)932-0857

Shoe Bedazzlers: JeniBelle Stones - (443)803-8259

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