Let's TALK ABOUT IT: Bridezilla Much??

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey guys!!

So todayyyy I want to hear from all of my wonderful readers!! My question today is what makes somebody a BRIDEZILLA?? This term is thrown around alot nowadays, especially with the growing popularity of the reality show with the same name! So as I jump into wedding planning I MUST admit...I do find myself having some bridezilla moments, despite my efforts to keep my cool, which is hard to do when you deal with SOOO many different personalities and so many different opinions going into something that is supposed to just reflect a husband and a wife. (I plan on journaling my wedding planning process as time goes on so STAY TUNED!)

So this is why I'm just reaching out to you all today and wanted to know what do you think makes a bride turn into a bridezilla?? Is it always a bad thing? Can it be avoided? If you are already married were you considered a bridezilla? Why or Why Not?

To the wedding professionals out there, how do YOU deal with Bridezillas? What is your take on them? Would you say it is a thin line between knowing what you want and being a brat? 

So talk to me ya'll! I wanna know what the people have to say! :-D

Stay Beautiful My Loves, 
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Anonymous said...

I think a Bridezilla is someone who forgets that the world is still functioning despite their wedding. Too absorbed in "me, me, me" for the whole year or two that they plan their wedding they forget about other important things. I don't necessarily think that just because a woman gets bi**y during her planning, shes a bridezilla, she just wants things done right and its a stressful time. Just be respectful, considerate of others feelings, and remember that the wedding is just one day. Don't burn bridges with everyone in your life just because of that one day.

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