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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey Guys!

I have been collecting some videos I've found on the web of super cute and romantic proposal stories! Some people get very serious and intricate with marriage proposals and some keep it light hearted but sweet. I have posted a few youtube videos of some of my favorites!

This proposal is the definition of OVER the top!! Most people were wondering who paid for all of this? I figured maybe the TV producers did because this was very extravagant!!

Okay so I just thought this was so super sweet! He totally caught her off guard and he made it sooo special!

This one is actually a save the date video but it's so cute I had to add it, lol!

This one is cute and fun! I love how theatrical he made it!

Who wouldnt LOVE a proposal at Disneyland!!! "Where dreams come true"! Love this

This is hands down MY favorite proposal, so simple yet sooo sweet & romantic! This one made me sniffle a little, loll  :-)

I hope you all enjoyed them! Which one is your favorite? Have you ever dreamed of your proposal? If you are already engaged/married was your proposal everything you hoped for? Was it low-key and you still loved it? Talk to me!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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