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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey Guys!!

Have you ever seen a wedding photo and think like"OMG I would love to do something like that"?? Well that happens to me VERY often! So I began collecting pictures from engagement shoots AND weddings that I just think are soooo cute! I love pictures that just really make you FEEL the love that the couple have for one another. Or pictures that are just so creative that really show how important it is to have a skilled photographer that can capture AND actually create amazing moments. Some of these photos LITERALLY make me choke up JUST a little bit b/c they just evoke sooo much love and that is truly my FAVORITE emotion...such a beautiful thing :-) I hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think!


Really cool idea for an "urban" shoot (

One of the ones that bring a tear. You can FEEL their connection (Amelia Lyon Photography)

I just think this is too adorable! Would make a cute Save The Date (

DRAMA!! This is actually a fashion editorial but I still think its hot, lol! (

This is also adorable, shows how love grows! (

One of my FAVES (

So passionate! (

LOL! Really cute and playful! (

I love this one! It gives off that sense of how safe she feels when in his arms! (

Just thought this was fun and cute (

Another really cute Save The Date (

I like this one b/c it just screams BOSS! (utterlyengaged,com)

So loving :-) (

I am obsessed with veil blowing in the wind photos, lol! (Elizabeth Messina Photographs)

Perfect! (

Now THIS church is stunning! (

So beautiful (Jose Villa Photography)

Storybook Ending "Walk into the sunset" (

She looks SOO happy! I LOVE (

Walking on water, loll! (

Love the dress, bouquet, hair, everything (

Dance Like Nobody is Watching (

Her skin tone against the color of the dress...just LOVELY (

Caliente! (

This is ART to me! (

Itchingggg to know what you guys think of these photos!! Will you be stealing any of these and putting it on your photography list??? I have about 90% of them on mine, LOLL! Which ones are your favorite? Least favorites?

What do you think makes for amazing couple photographs?? The location, the couple themselves, the photographer?? Talk to us!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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King James said...

Hey thanks for sharing these!! I have seen some of the styles and some I have not. As an artist/photographer, there's a sort of creative pressure to continually out-do you're last work/shoot... and although it's exciting to discover the best you, many times... we are our own worse critic.

So in a time where so many are calling themselves photographers and artists.. it's key to really have someone who has the mind of an artist and not just a piece of equipment. I have to keep my ind to the streets and even brainstorm at times... things I didn't associate with photography initially.

And yeah... I didn't choke up (i'm a MAN!!!), but I do think many of these are super sweet.. and I'm excited to create many of them.

Again, thanks for sharing.

Charlene said...

Oh my gosh I love I love!!!! the boss one was my absolute favorite like I actually heard Rick ross say "Uh!" lol! *silly*

Memi said...

Thanks so much James! It's always wonderful to have some male input around here! We love what you photographers do and we appreciate your craft!

Charlene so did I, loll! So bossy!

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