Beauty Sightings: Statement Necklaces

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey Guys!!

I have a beauty sightings today for you all!! A trend I've been noticing lately are brides wearing statement necklaces! I personally LOVE this look because I think it adds some flair and personality to the entire bridal look. I am not a fashion stylist or anything like that...BUT I would suggest that if you are a bride who wants to incorporate a statement necklace it is important to make sure it will complement your dress and the rest of your bridal look. You dont want to wear a statement necklace with a blinged out ball will be a little overwhelming in my opinion! But in the mean time let's just drool over gorgeous jewelry!! 


Sorry I took most of these pics from my Pinterest account...many of them didnt have sources :-(

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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