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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!

So today I just wanted to let other planning brides in on a little secret that brides are using lately to cut costs! Every bride wants to make sure that their wedding is filled with adorable little details! Details are EVERything in my opinion, when it comes to making your wedding unique and different from others. Weddings are filled with so many traditions that it is easy for a wedding to just blend in with everyone elses's. This leaves brides all over wanting to have that special little "uumph" that will make her wedding stand out. My answer to that is ETSY! Etsy is a site where people can sell and buy things they make themselves. There is everything from jewelry and clothes to accessories and paper goods! There is a WHOLE section for ALL things wedding related and this is where I go!! I will post some cute little things I think are so unique and will really help you insert as much of your personality as possible into your special day!

My 1st Etsy purchase were some Bridesmaid invitation cards. I didn't buy these particular ones but I like these b/c you can select different dresses that fit your friend's styles.

Shop Name: PaintedbyRenee
I always love to see these little customized hangers for the dress photos. Have you always wondered where people get them from??? Well, there are NUMEROUS sellers with them on Etsy! You can get them customized to your future last name.

Seller: twobroadsdesign

Blingy cake toppers? Etsy has those too! Customized to any letter or color you want!

Seller: panachebride

I fell in love with this BEAUTIFUL hair pin!

Seller: jurgitahandmade
A new common trend nowadays is to have your flower girls in cute little ballerina tutus! I found a seller that will customize and work with you to make your tutu into ANY color or theme you can think of! She also does birthdays and custom orders for little girls!

Seller: TheTutuTailor
This is a must-have for all the Daddy's girls out there! I LOVE this!

Seller: thesugaredplum

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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