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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Readers,

As we all know, next to food and decor the cake is the NEXT most important things guests look forward to. It is pretty much the centerpiece of the wedding! So many couples take their time and try to pick out the PERFECT cake design to go with their theme and decor. It is always very refreshing to see wedding vendors that go above and beyond by not just providing a service, but produce works of art. Sweet Thing Black Orchid is one of those vendors! I had the opportunity to interview Melanie of Sweet Thing Black Orchid and it was a joy interviewing her! Read, comment, and let us know what you think! 

Memi: Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into the bakery business?

Melanie: I have always been a creative soul. I originally came to the Washington DC area to study fashion design at Howard University and ended up changing my major to a medical one...design called me through the years and I ended up back at it- creating cakes and floral arrangements. I started Sweet Thing Black Orchid as a coordinating company in 1999 as the result of my own wedding....I did not have a coordinator nor the creative and unique design items that I love so much now. I promised myself if I could somehow redo my wedding, I would make sure that everything was well put together and more unique. I live that everyday vicariously through my brides now. I quickly added the confection and the floral divisions to the company in 2001, and they have taken on a life of their own. I have been formally trained by Wilton USA and learned from famed cake artist Sharon Zambito. Through the years I honed my craft through practice, practice and more practice and a fearless approach to design.

Memi: What is the significance of your company's name?

Melanie: When you think of our name, we want it to do two things...
1. Make you curious enough to ask us about our name so that we can tell you our story and inspire you to want your own unique creation.
2. More important we want our name to put visions into your head of the two distinct elements that make up our company - Sweet Thing, think of silly and crazy creative designs. This part of the name represents the confection division of the company.....it is inspired by all things a little silly and whimsical, Think Willy Wonka. Black Orchid, think rare and exotic. The Black Orchid is one of the World's most rare and elegant flowers and that part of the name encompasses the floral design and coordination divisions of the company. We want potential clients to know that with us, your floral and design needs will be just that, unique and elegant. 

Memi: What do you love the most about making wedding cakes? 

Melanie: The best part of making a wedding cake is far after the cake is complete and in fact gone. When clients call and tell us they loved their cake or sent happy pictures of their events. That's why we do this....their satisfaction is everything to our team.

Memi: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Melanie: Inspiration comes from exactly everywhere. I designed a cake once after staring, for an hour, at the way a ladies shirt fell in a pool around her waist. It had the most unique rippling effect. That cake turned out to be my most favorite cake of all times with the bottom tier emulating the ripples. No matter what I see, no matter where I go, I see cake in everything I look at.

Memi: Do you have a favorite cake flavor? If so, what is it?

Melanie: Yes, of course! My favorite cake flavor is "Wedding Cake". It is clean and pure and very refreshing. It has the smell of vanilla but the light taste of Almond. So delightful.

Memi: How do you make sure that your company and cakes stand out amongst the numerous options brides have for bakers?

Melanie: First and foremost, we make sure we interpret our client's vision for their cake and not our own. So many artist impose what they feel safe designing for you - on you. We try our hardest to give you what you want. When we have Carte Blanche....the sky is the limit to what we can create. We don't want our cakes to be your mother's wedding cake (although what was once old is now new again). We never design the exact same cake twice and every one of our cakes has a name....whether we name it our our clients do.

Memi: What are some of your favorite wedding cake trends past, present or future? What trends do you hate the most?

Melanie: Ah, I love this question...My favorites have been jewels....big chunky juicy blinging jewels on cakes...so lovely. Also faded, ombre techniques (where colors go from light to dark). Airbrushing on cakes...I simply adore this technique in any fashion.
Trends that I hate - well this is not possible for me to answer. I see each cake as a representation of the individuals I am designing for. I see their personalities and believe it or not, their unique mannerisms in their cakes so to say I hate something about their cake, well, you get the picture

Memi: Where do you see Sweet Thing Black Orchid in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Melanie: On top baby! We have actively been partnering with some of the major hotel chains in the DC market so we plan to grow our hold in that arena which will provide the means to expand our foot print with private clientele as well. We also plan to open a bigger and better store front in 2013. Location TBD. 

Memi: What is some advice you would give to a planning bride who is totally lost on choosing a wedding cake? 

Melanie: Due diligence! Take your time, do your research, check out pricing options, read reviews, ask every possible question you can to the potential designer, then ask 10 more. There are plenty of cake designers out here. This day is one of the most special days in your life. Make sure you entrust your cake, as well us all other elements of your wedding, to someone who is as concerned about your wedding day happiness as you are.....and who can deliver....and I don't mean drop off!

Memi: Thanks sooo much for cooperating and speaking with us!!

Melanie: My pleasure Memi, thank you.

If you would like to be a Sweet Thing Black Orchid Bride reach them through:

Phone Number:301-351-8042
Email: info@SweetThingBlackOrchid.com
Website:  www.SweetThingBlackOrchid.com
Follow on Twitter @SweetTBlackO
"Like" their fanpage at Sweet Thing Black Orchid on Facebook


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