Wedding Planning Diary: Breaking the Rules!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello Readers!!

So just like anything else, wedding planning has a list of unspoken rules and things that are highly frowned upon. I broke one of the rules...keep reading to see what happened and HOW I wish I hadn't!

Okay so remember my post about Running of the Brides back in October when I told you all that I found my dress? Well I didn't buy the dress right away because I wanted to lose a few pounds before I got measured and paid my deposit. So I went back a few weeks ago to do just that. I was soooo excited because my big cousin was coming with me and she was so eager to see the dress and I was so anxious to try it on again! I couldn't wait to try it on that ONE last time for the FINAL confirmation and take pictures and all of that. Sooooooooooooooooooo we get to the store...and guess what?? These people SOLD MY DRESS...yes they SOLD the sample dress. WHO DOES THAT??!!!! So I did not have the opportunity to try the dress on again, get that whirlwind feeling, and feel 100% confident in my purchase!! Basically my only option was to just put my order in, pay my deposit and wait 4-6 months for my dress to arrive. Don't ask me why it takes so long for wedding dresses to arrive....but it does, lol!

So needless to say I was very nervous about ordering the dress, not because I didn't love it the first time but it was 4 months ago, I didn't have any real pictures, and I was REALLY excited about seeing THE dress again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw ANOTHER dress that was just my style and perfect in every way! So of course I tried it on...and of course I fell IN LOVE! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE RULE THAT I BROKE!! Learn from me, once you find THE dress do NOT try on anything else because it is just unnecessary torture. It is the WORST feeling. So I left the store without buying anything and it was on my mind for a solid week. Eventually, I went back, got measured and went with my first choice, the dress I fell in love with back in October. Up until THIS moment I am still very anxious about my decision and I even called the store back 3 days later to change my mind but I chickened out and decided not to switch. 

SO yeah take it from me: When you find the one, DON'T TRY ON ANYMORE DRESSES! LOL! 

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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wow, thanks alot, this is a huge favor u have done me. A friend of mine in UK was trying to get me to try on some wedding dresses while here, but I did not want the torture so I said no, I think from all the wedding videos i have watch I knew that will be bad for me. You just confirmed it. I can't do with stress like that lol

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