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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello Readers!!

The trend we are visiting today is the "First Look Photo Shoot". Needless to say wedding photos have drastically changed in the past few years from group photos where the bride and groom just stand and smile to a more photo-journalistic style of photography. Now we see wedding albums that actually tell a story and really display the essence of the love the couple really share. One way people are making the most of their photos and utilizing every minute of time on their wedding day is by doing a short session BEFORE the ceremony. During this session the bride and groom get to see each other and share some private moments together before she walks down the aisle. They get to calm each other's nerves, talk, get the crying out of the way and have some one on one time because it will be the ONLY time that will happen all day, lloll! This may not work for the really traditional couple but it depends on you and your fiancee. Here are some pictures of "First Looks"

Typically the groom's back is turned and the bride walks up to tap him on the shoulder
 (Joshua Dwain Photography)

(Joshua Dwain Photography)
(Joshua Dwain Photography)

So whether you want the "First Look" to be you walking down the aisle and experiencing the rush of emotions you will feel at the ceremony OR if you want to be able to share a few private minutes with your soon-to-be-spouse and make the most of your wedding timeline. It is definitely a personal choice!

Readers what do you think?? Would you be open to a first look photo session?? Or would you want to keep to tradition?? Talk to me!

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lizp said...

I say why've made this far..a little private time won't hurt..its really cute

Anonymous said...

I would prefer not to have a first look. It's nice and all, but I would want to get the full effect (rush of emotions) when I see my beautiful bride for the first time walking down the aisle. It would make the moment feel much better. But it all depends on personal choice. It would probably be easier for the couple to do a first look though, just to get the some "we" time before the "we and everyone else" time.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about this. I love the idea; you and your boo stealing away for a few moments, noone else. But I think most people are too traditional and not brave enough to do this. Also I get the whole "vision in the archway" seeing the bride for the 1st time, nothing beats that feeling.

Dotun said...

I see a first look as a private look and it gets no more intimate to be the first to see your bride before everyone does. I try to tell my brides it doesn't change the "aww" moment when you walk done that aisle! There is just something about everyone standing and ushering you into the ceremony that still remains priceless regardless of first look. And from a photographers perspective, most of the pictures can be taken before the ceremony leaving the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding instead of worrying about pictures afterwards.

Omojesu said...

I agree with Dotun on this. It is very important to have a first look that way you have enough time to get alot of great shots.

Wale Ariztos said...

There are too many advantages to the first look. There's absolutely no reason not to do it, particularly if you want quality, relaxed portraits.

AJ said...

@ Anony 1 I agree the rush of seeing your bride/groom for the first time is incomparable however the "we" time before the everybody time is so important.
@ Dotun, Omojesu and Wale thanks for chiming in. As photogs I know that capturing those moments with brides' and grooms' by themselves is so precious, just couple, camera and love to show.

To do it all over again, I think I would do the 1st look for sure.

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