Wedding Planning Diary: The Ups & Downs

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Readers!!

Soooooo I realized that it has been a LONG while since I've updated you guys about how my wedding planning is going. Well I didnt really have too many pleasant things to say about wedding planning, LOL! I didn't want to come on here and rant so I just stayed away from blogging about it...and kind of fell off blogging all together. I even found it hard to log on to my beloved WeddingBee account for about 3 months and that is my haven on all things weddings!! Needless to say I wasn't in the greatest place. What was the issue you ask? Well first and foremost I realized my fiancee and I had a LOT on our plate with planning this humongous wedding, house searching, holiday shopping, jobs, family, just got to be a tad overwhelming. Second of all we noticed that the budget we had just was NOT enough for what we want to do, that was the hardest part for me because it really forced me to take many steps back and reevaluate EVERYthing. We met with our planner who really helped to put things in perspective and offer us some really good advice. After that my Fiancee and I prayed, we fasted, and asked God to just take control and have his way in our lives. So now we are pressing on in a positive direction and I have NO doubt in my mind that God will be glorified on the day of our wedding!!

Now fun stuff!! I'd say the best part of wedding planning is being able to create things that are a reflection of you and your fiancee. For instance, I know it seems corny but I really had a LOT of fun making our save the dates. We had a fall engagement session with our photographer and we used those photos to make the save the dates. It was cool sitting down with my honey and going through our favorite pictures and choosing different layouts and colors, we had alot of fun with that! We went with and they had the best options in comparison to other stationary sites...they were a little more expensive but we saved over $100 using coupon codes. So WIN for us!!

Here is a pic of one of our Save The Dates!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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"After that my Fiancee and I prayed, we fasted, and asked God to just take control and have his way in our lives. So now we are pressing on in a positive direction and I have NO doubt in my mind that God will be glorified on the day of our wedding!!"

Thats really good Mems, when you realize that you cannot to anything without the help of God that when He step in and become the planner and help finance the event. I know you value family and friend and God value those things too. He that has put you guys together will not disgrace you guys but glorify His name and wondrous works.

The save the date is really nice, very creative. I love a praying family especially a prayerful husband. Good luck on everything, just know that when you surrender to HIM you are surrendering to the RIGHT person.
You and Dapo can do all things through Christ who strengthen you both.

Stay Bless

Anonymous said...

Love the save the dates Memi!!! :D


nwando said...

Memzi and Dapsy lala!!!! Love it! and Love that you both are using this opportunity to have FUNNN!!!!! as u plan.... God is with you both and that day + the marriage will be super inspirational to many in Jesus name, amen!!! the photos are ON POINT! annnnddd i am guessing... its a BROWN AND GOLD wedding jawnt! love it sooo much!

AJ said...

Mems, I appreciate your honesty and thank you for sharing. I am sure a lot of our readers are completely shocked that with so much resources available to you, you would still be struggling with wedding planning. Well anyone who has ever planned a wedding would tell you, resources or not, the task itself is daunting. Like where do you really start from and just like you and Dapo experienced sometimes the vision may be much grander than the resources available.

But that is when you go back to the drawing board and prioritize. This is hard but once you decide what is mostly important to you as a couple, everything else become secondary.

You and Dapo have been a dream to work with because it is usually at this point we see brides and grooms completely lose faith in the planning process. But you took our advice and wedding planning is sooooo back ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry you've covered the most important thing; TRUSTING GOD. So let's get to getting and get to planning.

By the way, the Save the Dates are UBER SUPER CUTE.

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