Beauty Sightings: The Royal Wedding

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York Times estimated that as many as 3 BILLION viewers from EVERY corner of the world, tuned in to watch the MOST popular wedding on Earth! Yes I am talking about THE ROYAL Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now known as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). Their wedding was ALL things REGAL and MAJESTIC. From her gown, to the chapel, to the guests' attire, to the cars they came in. It was just beautiful. I personally was NOT into all the hype surrounding it and I could  not watch it live because of sleep and then work, loll. But I DEFINITELY recorded ALL 6 hours and watched it on my own time. Although I didnt think I would be into it...I completely fell in LOVEEE, with just the pomp and pageantry of the royal family. I just think Monarchy is so they are REAL life Kings and Queens, and the people of the commonwealth REALLY love and regard them as so. It was SUCH a beautiful dynamic to watch and I'm really glad I got to witness a Royal Wedding in my lifetime :-)! That thing is taking up like 20% of the space on my DVR, but I REFUSE to delete it, hahaha! Here are some of my favorite images! Enjoy! 

Pics Courtesy of
The Groom and his Best Man on their way to the church

The Bride and her Dad on the way to the church
The Westminster Abbey...uhmmm...all I can say is WOW.

Kate's arrival!! Okay @ first I thought her dress was boring, but after watching her & picking up a little bit on her personality, it was VERY obvious that this dress was SOOOO her and perfect for her!

Dress was designed by Sarah Burton who works for Alexander McQueen's fashion house

I LOVE their cool!

I absolutely LOVEDD her bridesmaid dress! It fit her soo well and has such subtle but sexy details!

Prince William: I got you baby Princess Kate: I know boo, I know...(in my mind that is what they are saying, lolll)

How graceful!! Sighhhh

The Queen of England riding clean!
The quick but sweet kiss!
The Royal Wedding Cake and it's baker, Fiona Cairns.

LMAO! This made me think about how we cry about our African wedding guest count...what if this many ppl showed up?? HAHHAHA!
Instead of fireworks...they had FIGHTER jets fly over the palace!

Kate's 2nd dress. Again simple but so chic!

Now here are some pics of the amazing FASHION spotted at the Royal Wedding. Apparently, it is tradition to wear your most fabolous hat to events such as this. Here are a couple of pics of some that DEFINITELY stood out :-)

Where you one of the people that got up at 4am to watch the entire thing live?? Did you just wait to see the highlights on blogs and the news? What did you think of her dress, hair, etc? Feel free to post some links of your favorite pictures!! 

Stay Beautiful My Loves,
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Skinny Hipster... said...

LMAOOO great post!!! My fav comment is "LMAO! This made me think about how we cry about our African wedding guest count...what if this many ppl showed up?? HAHHAHA"

Anonymous said...

Awesome Memi. Hopeful Dee and I will have a wonderful one.

Eileen said...

I loved everything about the Royal Wedding. As a planner, of course my mind was on the background work. It went very well. I didn't think I'd watch it. But as it drew closer I started to get more into it. The day before, I was imagining how the bride must be feeling. LOL! I'm sure it must have been quite an exciting time for them.

Isowa Gallery said...

Lovely post!!!! I woke up at 5am to watch it live and kept updating via bbm....twas surreal. But I loved everything about the wedding..even got teary eyed at some point :-)

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