Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello Guys!!

We had an AWESOME wedding season and now some of our favorite photographers are getting around to blog some of the gorgeous weddings we were blessed to take part in!

You may remember Lola & Dolamu from a few posts back, we did a mini feature on them and they had a little chat with us here on the blog.

You can find even MORE pictures on Dotun's Photo Lounge .

We also have a couple of pictures from Eddie & Wendy's wedding! You may remember them from their engagement session we blogged a few months back. We are so proud to say we were responsible for the planning, coordination, and decor for this beautiful event!

Here are a few pics from their AMAZING wedding and you can find WAYY more pictures on K.Bobb's Photography Blog! Go there now!

Make sure you leave some comments on our blog and the photographer blogs to let us all know what you think!!

Stay Beautiful My Loves,

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Wonderful pictures!


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